• PhD in Criminal Justice


    Yi Ting Chua
    Understanding Radicalization Process in Online Far-Right Extremist Forums Using Social Influence Model
    Chair: Dr. Tom Holt
    Initial placement: Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge, Cybercrime Centre
    Alison Cox
    Managing Barriers to Visitation Together: A Qualitative Examination of Family Members Active in Support Groups
    Chair: Dr. Christina DeJong
    Initial placement: Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa

    Gregory Drake
    Evaluating Blue Courage: A National Evaluation of the Blue Courage Training Program
    Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell
    Initial placement: Senior Research Associate, Rochester Institute of Technology


    Gio Circo
    The Effect of Integrated CCTV Camera Systems on Crime in Public Places: An Evaluation of Detroit "Green Light"
    Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell
    Initial placement: Assistant Professor, University of New Haven
    Lauren Magee
    Understanding the Spatial Concentration of Fatal and Non-Fatal Shooting through Social Disorganization and Collective Efficacy
    Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell
    Initial placement: Post-doctoral Research Associate, Indiana University School of Medicine

    Robert Peacock
    Applying Tyler's Process-Based Model of Legitimacy in a Developing Country
    Chair: Dr. Sanja Kutnjak
    Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Florida International University


    Michael Cassidy
    Examining Interjudge Punishment Disparities and Judicial Sentencing Patterns within Court Communities
    Chair: Dr. Carole Gibbs
    Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Niagara University
    Jina Lee
    Interactions between victims of intimate partner violence and the police: Women's future intentions to call the police
    Chair: April Zeoli
    Initial placement: Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University
    Seung Paek
    Private Security Officers' Perceptions of Police Legitimacy in South Korea: Implications for police-private security cooperation
    Chair: Mahesh Nalla
    Initial placement: Assistant Professor, SUNY-Oswego
    Ksenia Petlakh
    Reforming Michigan's Criminal Indigent Defense Systems: Chief Judges' and Court Administrators' Experiences and Perceptions
    Chair: Ed McGarrell
    Initial placement: SUNY-Delhi
    Sarah St. George
    Assessing the Vulnerability in Targets of Lethal Domestic Extremism
    Chair: Steve Chermak
    Initial placement: Intelligence Analyst, Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center
  • Masters in Criminal Justice


    LaRisa Ballard
    Catherine Bureau
    Kyle Grenfell
    Troy Maki
    Robert Manar
    Skyler Morgan 1
    Yongjae Nam 2
    Kayla Yuhase 3

    1 Skyler MorganThe Media’s Representation of Gender and Domestic Terrorism

    2 Yongjae Nam - The Cause of College Students' Cyberbullying in Korea: Effect of Prior Victimization

    3 Kayla YuhaseOpening up the Black Box of Restorative Justice and Showing the Effects Family Group Conferencing has on Prisoners' Relationships with their Families


    DeMario Arnold
    Sarah Bauer
    Kylei Brown
    Erica Dalzell 1
    Brian Georgia
    Kayla Hoskins 2
    Jared Howe
    Emily McGuire
    Ross Militz
    Destany Moore
    Jasmin Newton
    Emily Norris
    Kevin Riley
    Kourtney Rodez
    Jeannie Wernet

    1 Erica Dalzell - Examining the Maturity Gap: Youth Self-Perceived Physical Development and Delinquency

    2 Kayla Hoskins - Women Offenders’ Response to Victimization and Trauma, and its Relationship with Satisfaction with Life, Mental Illness, and Substance Use


    Olla Al-Araji
    Satkiran Bilkhu
    Morris Brown
    Samantha Castillo
    Nolan Gillespie
    David Guardiola
    Joseph Hockin

    Oluwatobi Ishola 1
    Tyler Kist
    Joseph Klam
    Amber Mandalari 2
    Trevariana Mason 3
    Benjamin McGowan

    Andrew McNulty
    Steven Pankiewicz
    Denzel Pugh
    Joshua Thelen
    Robert Vankirk
    Brittnie Wedel

    1 Oluwatobi Ishola - Effect of suspect's gender on police use of physical force

    2 Amber Mandalari - Exploring the criminogenic need, risk of recidivism, official recidivism, and gang status in youth offenders

    3 Trevariana Mason - Strategies used by African Americans during Police Encounters and their effect on "The Talk" given to Black Children

  • Masters in Forensic Science


    Natasha Eklund - Further Investigation of a Kinetic Model to Predict Evaporation of Gasoline
    Amanda Setser - Classification of Synthetic Phenethylamines and Tryptamines using Multivariate Statistical Procedures
    Emma Stuhmer - Statistical Comparison of Mass Spectral Data for Positional Isomer Differentiation
    Breanna Wydra - Blow Fly (Diptera: Calliphoridae) Community Structure at a New Northern Latitude Forensic Research Facility and During Aquatic Decomposition


    Katelyn Kranz - Development of Polymorphic CODIS STR Primers for Unbalanced DNA Mixture Analyses
    Elena Watson - Lower limb activity and mobility patterns in medieval Nubia: A biomechanical approach of femoral and tibial cross-sectional geometry from Mis Island


    Alexandria Anstett - Characterization of Synthetic Phenethylamines using Low-Resolution and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
    Trevor Curtis - Chemical Analysis of Tattoo Inks to Aid in the Identification of Highly Decomposed Remains
    Cynthia Kaeser - Synthetic Cathinone Characterization and Isomer Identification Using Collision-Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry
    Maureen Moffit - The Evaluation of Macromorphoscopic Traits to Determine Secular Change Among a Sample of African and American Blacks
  • Masters in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis (LEIA)


    Jason Adams
    Mallorie Gibbs
    Kelly Ann Heim
    Kayla Johnson
    Mitchell Kittle
    Mark Krug
    Emily Paymer
    Shileah Pleasant

    Nicole Rickard
    Lisa Sanks
    Austin Sansom
    Jeremy Thayer
    Rachel Vale
    Samantha Weiser
    Aaron Windsor
    Alec Withrow


    Amber Addi
    Amy Alimo
    Clem Berger
    Michael Bovin
    Colleen Burt
    Stephanie Chace
    Suzanne Courtemanche
    Matthew Dolengowski
    Lucas Gibson
    Jonathan Hole
    Shauna Jahnz
    Aaron Johnson

    Mouna Kennedy
    Gina Kramer
    Lauren Leonard
    Jasmine McEvoy
    Ryan McInerney
    Katie Miedema
    Connor Miller
    Lindsey Miller
    Nathan Miller
    Ameka Mmoh
    Dalila Omerovic
    Suzanne Rutkowski

    Taylor Shields
    Dustin Smith
    Jesse Spencer
    Jessica Tassava
    Tyler Tennies
    Rachel Thrasher
    Brandon Valentino
    Jhandel Villarreal
    Reuben Weeks
    Andrew Whitford
    Danielle Whitley


    Shawn Abela
    Rachel Barraw
    Alexander Bayleran
    Kristin Bixman
    Kelsey Brower
    Jennifer Burger
    Chris Cardona
    Sarah Chamberlain
    Cory Chavez
    Nicholas Didyk
    John Durkacz
    John Edwards
    Khiwan Edwards
    Raphael Ranalli Mariano Fonseca
    Paxton Gordon
    Kyra-lin Hom
    Ryan Kohler
    Megan Kryska
    Ryan Lea
    Jade McEvoy
    Katherine Murphy
    Amanda Nettles
    Alexander O'Connor

    Chadwick Olms
    Morgan Pilat
    Christina Radak
    Andrea Resendez
    Evan Sisk
    Martin Smith
    Amanda Soltman
    Katie Strainer
    Evan Tomaszewski
    Robert Vankirk
    Erin Vickery

  • Masters in Judicial Administration


    Michael LaFave
    Stephanie Michele
    Kayla Parzynski
    Shryl Samborn
    Desiree St. Germain


    Ann Filkins
    Jacquelynn Derrig
    Kimberly Howard
    Aimee Primus
    Sarah Santini
    Kenlyn Snow


    Sarah Couture
    Theresa Ewing
    Travoria Robinson
    Stephanie Stewart
    Nina Vassallo
    Sylvia Williams