Wanda Danette Stokes Spann Scholarship in Criminal Justice

The Wanda Stokes Spann Scholarship in Criminal Justice was established by Charles Spann in memory of his wife, Wanda Danette Stokes Spann.

Wanda graduated from Cooley High School in Detroit, Michigan in 1976 at age 16 and entered the Criminal Justice program at Michigan State University. She graduated from from Michigan State University in 1980 with honors, and began work at Cobb County Pretrial Court Services the same year. She was appointed to Director of Pretrial Court Services in 1983 by the Cobb Superior Court Judges Council, making her the county’s first African American department head and youngest department head in the county’s history at only 23 years of age. Wanda really loved helping people. She earned many awards for her distinguished work performance and community service, as she was a very strong proponent of both giving back and getting everyone out to vote. Wanda loved interior decorating, traveling, and spending time with family.

This scholarship is intended to encourage students who have demonstrated the capacity to achieve educational and professional goals, the motivation to achieve these goals and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress. In keeping with the conditions of the scholarship, the School employs the following criteria when selecting a recipient:

  • Recipients must be incoming freshman in the School of Criminal Justice.
  • The recipient will be selected on the basis of financial need, as determined by the university.
  • The recipient must possess the capacity, motivation, and initiative to realize educational and professional goals.

*Applications accepted until the last Friday in February for the following academic year*

Instructions for applying:

Complete and submit the scholarship application. Submit with a copy of your high school transcripts. Submit an updated resume. Submit a personal letter explaining why you chose the criminal justice field and the career you wish to pursue after graduation.


  1. One letter of personal reference from an individual (can not be a family member) who can attest to your character.
  2. Please provide the MSU financial aid award letter.
  3. Please provide a copy of your high school transcript.

Send scholarship application and supporting documents to:

School of Criminal Justice
Michigan State University
Scholarship Selection Committee
Baker Hall
655 Auditorium Road Room 557
East Lansing, MI 48824-1118