Private and Industrial Security Endowed Scholarship

Richard Post, a 1964 alumnus of the School of Criminal Justice, and his spouse, Penelope, made a gift of land in 1986. They wished the proceeds from the sale of the gift to benefit criminal justice students with an emphasis in private and industrial security.

The Private and Industrial Security Endowed Scholarship is intended to encourage students who have demonstrated the capacity to establish educational and professional goals, the motivation to achieve such goals and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.

Consistent with the Posts’ wishes, the School of Criminal Justice has created this endowment. It provides tuition support on an annual basis to one or more students majoring in criminal justice and pursuing a private or industrial security concentration or specialization. Recipients may reapply for the award in subsequent years. In keeping with the conditions of the award, the school employs the following criteria when selecting a recipient:

  • Junior, senior or graduate student enrolled as a degree candidate on regular status that possesses promising academic and professional potential.
  • Student who shows demonstrable potential to make professional contributions to the private and/or industrial security field.

Applications for the Private & Industrial Security Endowed Scholarship must be received by the School of Criminal Justice by the last Friday in February. A selection committee will recommend a recipient to the director of the School of Criminal Justice. The recipient will be notified in writing.

*Applications accepted until the last Friday in February for the following academic year*

Instructions for applying:

Complete and submit the scholarship application. Submit with a copy of your college transcripts (unofficial printout from StuInfo is recommended). Submit an updated resume. Submit a personal letter explaining why you chose the criminal justice field and the career you wish to pursue after graduation.


  1. One letter of recommendation from an instructor or professor familiar with your scholastic endeavors.
  2. One letter of personal reference from an individual (not a former teacher or family member) who can attest to your character.

Send scholarship application and supporting documents to:

School of Criminal Justice
Michigan State University
Scholarship Selection Committee
Baker Hall
655 Auditorium Road Room 557
East Lansing, MI 48824-1118