Spring 2015

Photo of Mary FinnIt is with tremendous pleasure that I share my first update as Director.  As I complete my first six weeks, I reflect on how wonderful and challenging the experience has been.  In an effort to learn as much as I could about the School, I set a goal to meet with all members of the School in the first 90 days and I am on track to meet that goal.  As important, I have been afforded opportunities to meet with our community partners through events such as the Career Fair, an impressive occasion that will be highlighted in the Spring newsletter.

For those of you that don’t know much about me, I spent the last 25 years on faculty at Georgia State University, a large urban research university in the heart of central Atlanta.  While there, I served in many leadership roles, including appointment as the Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness.  My research and teaching interests center on gender-based violence and evaluation research.  As a policy researcher, I enjoy collaborating with community partners in efforts to improve our response to crime and enhance the well-being of citizens.  This commitment to engagement is one of the major strengths of the School and MSU, and I look forward to taking the lead.

I want to take the opportunity to thank the former Director, Ed McGarrell, for his graciousness and generosity to me in this transition.  His contributions to the School over his 14-year term are far too many to name.  It is evident, as I look around me, that under his leadership the School has assembled an incredible team of faculty, support staff, academic advisors, academic specialists, and outreach specialists.  I am pleased that he will continue to share his energy and wisdom with the School through his continued research, teaching, and outreach efforts as a member of the faculty.