Associate Professor Scott Wolfe co-wrote article for the Washington Post

Picture of Scott WolfeDr. Scott Wolfe co-authored an article entitled, “Did the Ferguson shooting make police less proactive?” for the Washington Post.

A portion includes:

American police are under intense scrutiny. A series of highly publicized deadly-force incidents involving minorities has focused media and public attention on police practices. There has been much speculation that this increased criticism has led some law enforcement agencies to pull back, possibly contributing to rising crime in many cities — an alleged relationship that has come to be termed the “Ferguson effect.”

Scott Wolfe is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. Scott’s research focuses on policing, organizational justice, legitimacy, and criminological theory. Much of his work involves practitioner-researcher partnerships and has examined a variety of issues including officer-involved traffic collisions, evidence-based policing, and burglary reduction strategies.