SCJ Graduate Students present at ASC

The MSU School of Criminal Justice was well represented at the 2015 American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting held November 18-21 in Washington, DC.

Alongside leading scholars in the field of criminology and criminal justice, more than 20 students attended to present their research on a wide variety of topics that included cyber crime, police legitimacy, terrorism, product counterfeiting, victimization, aggression & delinquency, and community reintegration.

We are very proud of all our students and faculty that attended and presented at ASC!

Elizabeth Adams – Mothers Under Community Supervision: The Effect of Parent-Related Motivations on Recidivism

Yi Ting Chua – Understanding the Process of Becoming a Successful Carder: Knowledge and Risk Avoidance Techniques

Alison Colby – A Quest for Knowledge and Belonging: Family Members Breaking Down Barriers to Visitation

Greg Drake – Michigan State Police Smart Policing Initiative

Marva Goodson – A Test of General Strain Theory: Female Offenders’ Abuse History and Continued Substance Use (presentation); Delinquent Girls’ Prior, Current, and Future Self Perceptions and Perceived Changes in Social Roles (poster)

Jina Lee – The deterrent effect of transferring juvenile offenders to adult court on recidivism: A review of empirical research; The effects of criminal sanctions for intimate partner violence: A meta-analysis of individual level effects (with Christopher Maxwell and Joel Garner)

Sung Lee – The Impact of Prisonization on Korean Inmates: Deprivation and Importation Model Perspective

Carrie Li – A Qualitative Study on Comparison of Pre- and Post-separation Intimate Partner Violence Against Women

Lauren Magee – Gunshot Wound Severity in Fatal and Non-Fatal Shootings

Rebecca Malinski – Theorizing Cyberbullying: A Preliminary Review of Theoretical Tests of Cyberbullying Behavior (poster)

Seung Paek – The Effects of Fear of Crime and Perception of Risk on Constrained Behaviors