Courts and Judicial Administration

Research on courts and judicial administration has two foci: organizational development and individual professional development.

Research focusing on organizational theories, models, and practices includes emerging issues and trends in court structure, performance, and governance; alternative forms of dispute resolution, including specialized courts; evolving concepts of justice; rule of law development and the advancement of human rights; strategic and futures planning; traditional and evolving methods of court administration influencing court financing, workforce planning, policy development, intergovernmental relations, technology, caseflow management, self-represented litigants, and jury management; and traditional and new forms of media, public outreach, and education.

Research on individual professional development focuses on the continuing education, mentoring, and coaching needs of new-career through advanced-career judges, court executives, and court professional personnel.

School of Criminal Justice personnel specializing in research on courts and judicial administration include:

Dr. Maureen Conner

Dr. Steven Dow

Dr. John Hudzik

Dr. Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovich