National Center for Community Policing Publications



  1. "Society Needs Its "Family Doctors" (Robert C. Trojanowicz, Winter 1987)
  2. "Are the Elderly Unduly Worried About Crime?" (Robert C. Trojanowicz, Spring/Summer 1988)
  3. "Northumbria Tries Creative Initiatives" (Sir Stanley Bailey, Spring/Summer 1988)
  4. "Nothing New Under the Sun" (Chris Braiden, Spring/Summer 1988)"Serious Threats to the Future of Policing" (Robert C. Trojanowicz, Fall/Winter 1988)
  5. "Tulsa Targets Drugs in Public Housing" (Lt. Carolyn Robison, Fall/Winter 1988)
  6. "Walnut Creek Institutes Beat Designing" (Sgt. Thomas G. Soberanes and Sgt. Robert K. Perry, Fall/Winter 1988)
  7. "Citizen Survey Seeks Input on Priorities" (Fall/Winter 1988)
  8. "City Administrators Need to See What Community Policing Can Do for Them" (Robert C. Trojanowicz, Fall 1989)
  9. "When Ideas Become Real - Some Optimistic Thoughts on Community Policing" (Sgt. Barbara Harris, Fall 1989)
  10. "Operation CLEAN Helps Wipe Out Drugs in Dallas" (Sam Gonzales, Spring 1990)
  11. "Aurora Infuses the Entire Department with the Community Policing Philosophy" (Spring 1990)
  12. "Police Chiefs Must Take the Lead in Enlisting Support" (Summer 1990)
  13. "Tracking Drugs on Their Way to the Street" (Tina McLanus Summer 1990)
  14. "The Police Can Play an Important Role in Treatment" (Tina McLanus, Summer 1990)
  15. "Tactics to Target Troubled Neighborhoods" (Summer 1990)
  16. "New Ideas From Around the Country" (Tina McLanus, Summer 1990)
  17. "Neighborhood Network Centers: Expanding the Community Policing Model" (Robert C. Trojanowicz, Winter 1990)
  18. "Community Policing: An Industrial Revolution?" (Winter 1990)
  19. "Community Policing Curbs Police Brutality" (Robert C. Trojanowicz, Spring/Summer 1991)
  20. "Sir Stanley Bailey - Part of Community Policing's Past and Future" (Winter/Spring 1992)
  21. "Community Policing and Cultural Change: An Officer's View"(Winter/Spring 1992)
  22. "Public Housing and Community Policing: A Team for Success" (Mark A. Leno, Jr., Winter/Spring 1992)
  23. "Brooklyn Establishes Community Courts" (Tina McLanus, Winter/Spring 1992)
  24. "The Basics of Community Policing" (Robert C. Trojanowicz and Bonnie Bucqueroux, Fall/Winter 1992)
  25. "Neighborhood Network Center Concept at Work" (Steven Weaver, Fall/Winter 1992)
  26. "COMMUNITY POLICING AND MINORITIES: Constant Contact Helps Break Down Barriers" (Florene McGlothian-Taylor, Fall/Winter 1992)
  27. "Easing Tensions Between Police and Minorities" (Carl S. Taylor. Fall/Winter 1992)
  28. "An Inside View of Community Policing" (Officer Ken Saxon, Fall/Winter 1992)
  29. "Columbia, South Carolina: Officers Become Neighbors Through Police Home Loan Program" (Tina McLanus, Fall/Winter 1992)