Regional Community Policing Institute

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The Michigan Regional Community Policing Institute (RCPI) is one Institute in a national network of Institutes, charged with institutionalizing the principles of community policing in law enforcement agencies through innovative community policing training and technical assistance. RCPI’s have the latitude to experiment with new ideas that challenge and improve traditional training curricula, and to develop new curricula to support community policing and sustain it into the future.

Mission Statement:

The Michigan Regional Community Policing Institute is a team of diverse professionals committed to facilitating organizational change within police agencies and the development of community partnerships to institutionalize community policing.


  • Promote the definition of community policing as customer based organizational transformation, unlimited partnerships, and an informational based unified effort to solve problems.
  • Facilitate local law enforcement’s role in preventing and responding to terrorism through the principles of community policing.
  • Emphasize the issues of ethics and integrity within the principles of community policing.
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts between police, education and community partners.
  • Function as a team of professionals contributing to the creation and dissemination of knowledge as it relates to community policing.
  • Serve as a technical assistance catalyst to police agencies in providing available RCPI resources necessary to facilitate organizational change in support of community policing.
  • Stimulate and support the growth of community organizations to operate as effective partners in community policing efforts.
  • Support the effective, efficient, and equitable delivery of police services that institutionalize the components of community policing.
  • Serve as an informational resource for the accumulation, development and interpretation of community policing knowledge.