Certificate in Security Management

Courses are offered entirely online, and are taught by the same faculty members who are involved in the on-campus program. A number of online support services are available to assist students.

Security Management certificate flyer

Courses are available to the following persons:

  • Current MSU graduate students who are enrolled in on-campus or online programs
  • Practitioners and others who wish to earn credits toward a related degree program at MSU or another institution (Lifelong Education)
  • Anyone who wishes to earn a certificate for professional development and career enhancement (Lifelong Education)

Program Requirements

To obtain the certificate, students must successfully complete the following coursework:

and one of the following:

Students interested in doing an Independent Study should contact Dr. Mahesh Nalla at nalla@msu.edu

Application for Online Certificate

Once students enroll in their third class, they will need to fill out an application for the certificate. After enrollment and passing grades are confirmed, the certificate will be mailed to the address provided.

Description of Courses

CJ 809 – Issues in Criminal Justice

Credits: 1-4 | Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer
 | Available To: Graduate Online Certificate

Special issues in criminal justice research and management.

CJ 885 – Security Management

Credits: 3 | Offered: Spring of odd years
 | Available To: Graduate Online Certificate

Organization and management of security operations in business, industry, and government.

CJ 886 – Security Administration

Credits: 3 | Offered: Fall of odd years
 | Available To: Graduate Online Certificate

Administrative and quantitative techniques for security operations. Statistical analyses. Analysis of financial statements. Operations research and computer techniques.

CJ 890 – Independent Study

Credits: 1-6 | Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer
 | Available To: Graduate Online Certificate

Individual research and writing under faculty supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not enrolled in a degree-granting program at Michigan State University, you will need to enroll as a Lifelong Education student. You will find information about Lifelong Education at reg.msu.edu under the Enrollment & Registration tab.

Lifelong Education students will need assistance enrolling, and can contact Melissa Christle at 517-353-7133 or burrier@msu.edu for help.

The tuition rate can be found here.  Click on Resident or non-Resident, then scroll to see Graduate Lifelong Education tuition rate in the Graduate Student section.