Judicial Administration Program

Judicial Administration Programs Moratorium

The Judicial Administration Masters and certificate programs have a moratorium on admissions through Summer 2020.

If you have questions, please contact the School of Criminal Justice at 517-355-2197.


The mission of the Judicial Administration Program is to bring academic rigor and standing to the administration of justice through certificate programs and Master of Science Degree in Judicial Administration, research, publications, technical assistance, mentoring, and networking opportunities. The profession of judicial administration achieves greater recognition, status, and prestige through these credentialing mechanisms, which are made possible through partnerships with local, state, national, and international judicial branch education providers and online courses.


Partner-Provider Organizations


New York City Courts, New York

Trial Courts of Maricopa County, Arizona


Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC)

California Administrative Office of the Courts, Education Division/CJER

Colorado Association for Municipal Court Administration (CAMCA)

Delaware Administrative Office of the Courts, Judicial Branch Education

Florida Supreme Court, Office of the State Courts Administrator, Court Education Division

Institute of Continuing Judicial Education, University of Georgia (ICJE)

Georgia Council of Court Administrators (GCCA)

Louisiana Court Administrators Association (LCCA)

State of Maryland Judiciary, Administrative Office of the Courts, Judiciary Training Center

Judicial Institute of Massachusetts

Michigan Court Managers Conference

Missouri Association of Court Administrators (MACA)

New Mexico Judicial Education Center

North Carolina Conference of Court Administrators (NCCCA)

Ohio Judicial College

Ohio Association of Municipal and County Court Clerks

Oregon Association of Court Administration (OACA)

Pennsylvania Association of Court Management (PACM)

Southeast Michigan Court Administration Association (SEMCAA)

Texas Association of Court Administration

Texas Municipal Courts Education Center

Utah Judicial Institute

Vermont Office of the Court Administrator

Virginia Supreme Court, Office of the Executive Secretary

Virginia District Court Clerks’ Association (DCCA)

Washington State District and Municipal Court Management Association (DMCMA)


Administrative Office of the United States Courts

Federal Court Clerk’s Association (FCCA)

Federal Judicial Center (FJC)

National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks (NCBC)

United States District Court Central District of California


Institute for Court Management (ICM) of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC)

National Association for Court Management (NACM)


Mid-Atlantic Association for Court Management (MAACM)


Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD)


Program History

The idea of giving continuing education credits or certificates for ongoing professional education is not new.  What is new is a top-level academic institution—MSU—developing a collaborative effort that establishes baseline content and contact hour requirements that can be delivered by MSU and/or a network of partner-providers which, when combined with online one-on-one student and MSU faculty member interaction, will result in a certificate that can also receive academic credit.  If the student wishes to build further academic credentials, they can complete the Masters of Science Degree in Judicial Administration offered by the MSU School of Criminal Justice.  If they are not ready for graduate school, they can complete the judicial administration specialization courses and apply those courses toward a bachelors degree at a college or university of their choice.

The origins of the Judicial Administration Program date back to mid-1990 when on behalf of the Michigan court managers, Nial Raaen, met with John Hudzik, Maureen Conner, and Terry Curry for the purpose of exploring the feasibility of MSU developing certificates and other academic options for court administration personnel in Michigan.  All agreed that such an undertaking would help advance court administration and would also allow MSU to assist other judicial branch education organizations who had asked it to launch similar programs.  However, the credentialing options were not developed at that time due primarily to the constraints associated with traditional delivery mechanisms.  Additionally, the expert knowledge base required to launch such an initiative had not yet been empirically researched and consolidated in a way that would allow for an academically recognized field of study.  The development of the National Association for Court Management Core Competencies filled that gap and the advancement of the internet opened the way to expand delivery options.

In early 2002, Dr. Maureen Conner and Dr. John Hudzik solicited and received financial support from Dr. Lou Anna K. Simon, MSU Provost at the time, to develop an academic home for judicial administration that would offer certificate and academic programs, information sharing, networking and mentoring, judicial administration research, and global engagement for working court professionals and those who aspire to build and dedicate their careers to the advancement of the rule of law through the expert administration of justice.  The Judicial Administration Program made its academic home in the School of Criminal Justice along with another project that specializes in the judicial system--The Judicial Education Reference, Information and Technical Transfer (JERITT) Project.  With the support of Dr. Ed McGarrell, director of the School of Criminal Justice, the online Master of Science Degree in Judicial Administration was launched in 2013.

2016 Ukraine Instructor Preparation Program

MSU-Ukraine Instructors
Judicial Administration Program
Advanced Faculty Development Program

Teaching Excellence in Judicial Administration
22-26 February 2016


2015 Ukraine Court Adminstrators

The USAID FAIR Justice Project and the MSU Judicial Administration Program with its partners—Ukraine State Judicial Administration Office and the National School of Judges—graduated its 2015 class of Ukraine court administrators at a ceremony in Kyiv on June 17. The graduates were honored by Justice Valentyna Symonenko, Chair, Council of Judges; Mr. Zenoviy Kholodniuk, Chair, State Judicial Administration; Mr. Anatoliy Kostenko, Vice-Rector, National School of Judges; Mr. Jeffrey Meyers, Acting Director, USAID Office of Democracy and Governance; Mr. David Vaughn, Chief of Party, the USAID FAIR Justice Project; Dr. Maureen Conner, Director and Professor of the MSU Judicial Administration Program; and Mr. Timonthy Dibble and Dr. Jan Bouch, MSU Judicial Administration Program Adjunct Professors. Ms. Oksana Pidgaina and Ms. Olga Pasichnyk spoke on behalf of the Ukrainian MSU Judicial Administration instructors. The 2015 class spokesperson was Ms. Iryna Cherpak.

Judicial Administration USAID FAIR Justice Project group photo

Court of Jurisdiction Disputes of the Republic of Turkey

Dr. Maureen Conner, Professor and Director of the MSU Judicial Administration Program, was an invited delegate to the International Symposium on the 70th Anniversary of the Court of Jurisdictional Disputes of the Republic of Turkey held in Ankara on June 11, 2015. The Symposium was hosted by the President Judge of The Court of Jurisdictional Disputes, Serdar Özgüldür. Supreme court justices and academics from around the globe participated in the symposium where issues and systems related to addressing and solving jurisdictional disputes among courts was pursued. In addition to Dr. Conner other members of the American delegation were: Vincent Rougeau, Dean of the Boston College of Law; Susan A. Simone Kang, Boston Law College faculty; Robert J. Cordy, Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court; and Robert P. Young, Jr, Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.Judicial Administration International Symposium - 70th Anniversary Court of Jurisdictional Disputes of the Republic of Turkey

Instructor Preparation Program - Ukraine

Dr. Maureen Conner, Professor and Director of the MSU Judicial Administration Program along with MSU Adjunct Professors Dr. Jan Bouch and Mr. Timothy Dibble held an instructor preparation program for Ukraine instructors in January 2015. The instructors are members of the 2013 class of graduates, as well as returning instructors from the 2013 judicial administration certificate program. The 2015 Ukraine instructor group taught with the MSU professors offering the Ukrainian context during the 2015 MSU Judicial Administration Certificate Program. They were recognized at a ceremony on June 16 in Kyiv. The instructor development program was developed by MSU and sponsored by The USAID FAIR Justice Project in collaboration with the Ukraine State Judicial Administration Office and the National School of Judges.

Photo of Judicial Administration Ukraine Instructors

Upper row:
Natalia Tymoshtuk, Volodymyr Oliyar, Oleksandr Khyzhniak, Oleksandr Serdiuk, Dmytro Kaminskyi, David Vaughn, Natalia Khitruk, Tim Dibble, Tomas Verteletskyy, Volodymyr Mazurok (Vice-Rector of theNSJ)
Lower row:
Tetyana Opanasyuk, Olga Pasichnyk, Yana Masharova, Oksana Pidgaina, Nataliya Chumak, Oksana Ustenko, Alla Kovtun, Maureen Conner, Jan Bouch, Nataliya Brazhnyk, Yuliya Navrotska, Valentyna Lysenko, Larissa Sinitsyna, Olena Tymchenko, Iryna Soldatenko, Sergey Suchenko.