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The Judicial Education Reference, Information and Technical Transfer (JERITT) Project began in 1989 as a collaborative endeavor supported by the State Justice Institute (SJI 91-008), the National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE), and the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University.  Its mission was to advance the knowledge base, skills, and best practices of continuing professional education for judges and court personnel.   JERITT met its mission through maintaining data collection of judicial branch education programming from all fifty states, national and federal education providers, and several international court education and training organizations.  The data was available in publications as well as through online databases.  JERITT’s publication series addressed the fundamental theories, methods, and models of the field of adult continuing education and its application to judicial branch education.  Though the database services are no longer maintained, the JERITT monographs remain a staple for educators in the judiciary.  All past and current publications are available for free download.

Dr. John Hudzik of Michigan State University and Dr. Dennis Catlin of Northern Arizona University founded JERITT.  For additional Information contact Catharine White: or 517-353-8603.