Professor Ed McGarrell continues SCJ community policing efforts in Flint

Photo of Edmund McGarrellProfessor Ed McGarrell heads a research initiative designed to reduce crime in Flint’s University Avenue Corridor, continuing MSU SCJ’s long history of involvement in community policing in Flint, Michigan.

In 1979, former SCJ Director Robert Trojanowicz conducted research in Flint that provided the basis for a community policing model of law enforcement, which allows police to build closer ties to members of the community, raise a sense of security, and reduce crime.

SCJ academic specialists Audrey Martini, Kim Lawrence, and Jerry Boles concluded a project in 2015 in which they helped the Flint Police Department develop a plan to work with diminished resources.

Professor McGarrell continues the School’s involvement in increasing public safety and community-police engagement in Flint through a project which analyzes and monitors crime trends and crime hotspots along the University Avenue Corridor.

“This is what I consider a collaborative, action-research, problem-solving approach,” McGarrell said. “We are engaged with both local residents as well as the institutions serving the area to identify the crime and public safety concerns in the neighborhood and then the evidence-based strategies that can be put in place to address those concerns. And then ultimately we try to assess and evaluate whether we are having an impact on the community. It’s a pretty comprehensive effort.”

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