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Kristen Zgoba, PhD


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CJ 811 Design and Analysis in Criminal Justice Research (LEIA)


Kristen M. Zgoba received her doctoral degree from Rutgers University, School of Criminal Justice in May 2004.  Dr. Kristen Zgoba is employed by the New Jersey Department of Corrections [NJDOC], in the position of Supervisor of Research and Evaluation, and is also Co-Chairperson for the Department’s Research and Review Board.  Dr. Zgoba is a 2014-2015 Fulbright Research Scholar Award winner. Dr. Zgoba is the recipient of the American Correctional Association’s 2013 Peter P. Lejins Research Award – the highest award given for corrections research. Additionally, she coordinates the internship program between Rutgers University undergraduate criminal justice program and the NJDOC. Dr. Kristen Zgoba has held numerous positions on appointed panels and boards over her time in state government. Furthermore, Dr. Zgoba received two National Institute of Justice grants as Principal Investigator, 1) to be the first state to test the effectiveness of New Jersey’s Megan’s Law and 2) to examine the utility of the SORNA guidelines. She additionally served as a Co-PI on two NIJ grants issued through the University of Louisville and John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a consultant on the Hartford Foundation grant with Fordham University.. She has been invited to serve as a Distinguished Lecturer at Rutgers University and the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Zgoba served on the Rutgers University Institutional Review Board for three years and has taught at Rutgers University since 2002 and Michigan State University’s graduate school since 2012.  She teaches a variety of graduate and undergraduate classes including Criminal Justice Research Methods, Statistics, Prisons and Prisoners, Sex Offender Management and Intermediate Statistics. Additionally, she is Regional Editor for the American Journal of Criminal Justice and is a member of the Research Council within the American Correctional Association.  Dr. Zgoba has published over 35 peer reviewed articles and her most recent publications appear in Behavioral Science & the Law, Criminology & Public Policy, Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, Justice Quarterly, Criminal Justice and Behavior: An International Journal and the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. Dr. Zgoba and her colleagues’ research is presented at national and international conferences annually and has been discussed in the local media, as well as national sites, including Fox News and the Nancy Grace show.