Photo of April Zeoli

April Zeoli, PhD

Associate Professor

2007 PhD, Johns Hopkins University
2000 MPH, The University of Michigan
1998 BA, The University of Michigan

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Dr. Zeoli is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. Dr. Zeoli conducts interdisciplinary research, with a goal of bringing together the fields of public health and criminology and criminal justice. Her main fields of investigation are the prevention of gun violence, intimate partner violence, and homicide through the use of policy and law. She is one of the nation’s leading experts on policy interventions for firearm use in intimate partner violence. Broadly, she studies the role of firearms in intimate partner violence and homicide, as well as the civil and criminal justice systems responses to intimate partner violence. Her research focuses on legal firearm restrictions for domestic violence abusers and their impact on intimate partner homicide, the implementation of those firearm restrictions, and the criminal histories of intimate partner homicide offenders with a focus on missed intervention opportunities.

Zeoli is on the editorial board of the scholarly journal Injury Prevention, and serves as the research expert for the National Domestic Violence and Firearms Resource Center. She has also served as an expert commentator on intimate partner homicide, guns, and domestic violence-related mass shootings for news organizations such as NPR, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and Newsweek. She will be speaking at the TEDMED 2018 conference on intimate partner violence and guns.


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