Photo of Robert Peacock

Robert Peacock

PhD Student


Robert Peacock is a doctoral candidate in the School of Criminal Justice preparing to defend his dissertation in Spring 2018.  Robert’s research focuses on policies and practices to reduce police misconduct while improving community relations with law enforcement.  In 2015, Robert developed and led the implementation team for US Department of Justice-funded patrol police department program that has selected, trained, and mentored an entirely new patrol department of 18,000 officers in Ukraine.  A radical departure from past law enforcement in the country, the new service-oriented patrol departments quadrupled the number of female officers and tripled indicators for trust in the 31 cities in which they operate.  With the completion of his doctorate, Robert is seeking a position that will combine his love of teaching and research.  Robert holds an MBA in Finance from Ohio University and a BA in Public Policy from the University of Michigan.


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