Photo of Jin Lee

Jin R. Lee

PhD Student

MA 2017 University of Ontario Institute of Technology
BA 2014 University of Toronto


Jin R. Lee is a Ph.D. student at the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. His research interests are in cybercrime, online interpersonal violence, cybersecurity, crime and media, and race and gender inequality within the criminal justice system. Jin is a cybersecurity knowledge contributor for both SERENE-RISC (Smart Cybersecurity Network) and Boston University's Center for Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity (CIC). His recent work has appeared in Computers in Human Behavior, International Journal of Cyber Criminology, Youth Justice, and Information, Communication & Society. He completed his Honors Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Criminology and English at the University of Toronto (Victoria College) and earned his Master of Arts in Criminology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.


Theoretical analysis of cyber-deviance victimization and offending using cyber-routine activities theory

Year: 2017 Authors: Choi, K., & Lee, J.R. Journal: Computers in Human Behavior

Mobile phone technology and online sexual harassment among juveniles in South Korea: Effects of self-control and social learning

Year: 2017 Authors: Choi, K., Lee S., & Lee, J.R. Journal: International Journal of Cyber Criminology

Mass-mediated surveillance: borders, mobility, and reality television

Year: 2017 Authors: Walsh, J.P., & Lee, J.R. Journal: Information, Communication & Society