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Derrick Franke


2006 MA, University of Maryland
2003 BA, University of California, Davis

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Derrick Franke is an academic specialist in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. He assists criminal justice agencies, school districts, and community organizations in understanding, implementing and evaluating restorative justice (RJ) programs. Derrick's specialty is prisoner reentry-based RJ for serious crimes. His ongoing research at correctional facilities investigates whether face-to-face victim/offender conferencing improves reentry outcomes for offenders and helps crime victims heal. He has facilitated over 150 RJ conferences in juvenile correctional facilities, adult prisons, and the community for crimes ranging from drug use to murder. Noting his research with the Indiana Department of Correction, the City of Indianapolis' Reentry Policy Study Commission recently proposed an initiative to implement restorative practices throughout the county. Derrick is a certified restorative practices trainer, licensed by the International Institute for Restorative Practices and will be offering a special topics course on RJ beginning Summer 2014.


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