Multiple Faculty & Students Receive ASC Division Awards

November 7, 2023 - JJ Thomas

Multiple faculty and doctoral students in the School of Criminal Justice received 2023 division awards for their hard work, dedication to the field, and consistent pursuit to advance justice.


Dr. Chris Maxwell received the 2023 ASC Division of Experimental Criminology & New Academy of Experimental Criminology Fellowship


Dr. Mahesh Nalla received the ASC Division of International Criminology Freda Adler Distinguished Scholar Award.

“I am deeply touched and flattered by the recognition and prestigious acknowledgment I have received from the American Society of Criminology Division of International Criminology through the 2023 Freda Adler Distinguished Scholar Award. Receiving this award marks an incredible milestone in my academic and professional journey. It is a great honor to join the ranks of accomplished scholars who have received this award in the past. My gratitude to the committee for selecting me for this prestigious award.” – Dr. Mahesh Nalla


Jordan Parker received a 2023 Early Career Travel Scholarship from the ASC Division of Convict Criminology

"As a 2nd-year Ph.D. student, receiving Convict Criminology's Early Career Travel Scholarship drives me to continue to ensure that my research can shed light on individuals negatively impacted through the criminal justice/legal systems and to continue serving as an advocate for equity within our systems. As I continue with my education and research, I look forward to learning and collaborating with other scholars from the Division of Convict Criminology." – Jordan Parker

Dr. Jeremy Wilson received the Outstanding Book Award from the ASC Division on White Collar and Corporate Crime.


Amanda Witwer received an ASC Division on Corrections and Sentencing Ben Steiner Excellence in Corrections Student Paper Award

"I'm humbled to be recognized with this year's Ben Steiner Excellence in Corrections Student Paper award. This paper would not have been possible without the support of my peers and mentors, who encouraged me to pursue my own research agenda and cheered me on along the way." – Amanda Witwer