Doctoral student Michael Conteh speaks at Gender Mainstreaming Seminar

Photo of Michael ContehDoctoral student Michael Conteh spoke at the 2015 Gender Mainstreaming Seminar in Arusha, Tanzania, stating that leadership is a critical component in attaining gender equality in the military.

The week-long seminar was a joint venture of the U.S. Army with military and civilian entities from 16 African nations, and was co-hosted by U.S. Army Africa and the Tanzania Peoples Defense Force. The panel discussions centered around gender integration polices and how positive and proactive leadership is crucial to successful integration.

“Leadership is about influencing people to achieve an objective that is important to the leader, the group and the organization,” Conteh said. “A leader is a person who has a vision, and the drive and commitment to achieve that mission.”

“Leadership,” Conteh said, “is about leading, motivating and inspiring others.”