Joyce Foundation awards grant to Associate Professor April Zeoli

Photo of April ZeoliAssociate Professor April Zeoli was recently awarded a grant by the Joyce Foundation to conduct an analysis of the strength of legal firearms restrictions for perpetrators of domestic violence and their impact on intimate partner homicide.

The research is an investigation into whether specific provisions within state-level domestic violence restraining order and domestic violence misdemeanor firearm prohibition statutes influence the effectiveness of the laws. The goals of this project are to determine whether intimate partner homicide reductions are associated with the laws, and if so, are those reductions greater with 1) broader coverage with firearm restrictions of DV offenders, 2) the provision of specific power to compel firearm removal from prohibited persons, and/or 3) the presence of laws designed to prevent diversion of guns to prohibited persons.

Additionally, the research will investigate how local jurisdictions enforce DV firearms restrictions, and key facilitators or barriers to enforcement. Dr. Zeoli leads the investigation with collaborators Dr. Daniel Webster and Dr. Shannon Frattaroli from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.