PhD in Criminal Justice

Robert Peacock
Applying Tyler's Process-Based Model of Legitimacy in a Developing Country
Chair: Dr. Sanja Kutnjak

Michael Cassidy
Examining Interjudge Punishment Disparities and Judicial Sentencing Patterns within Court Communities
Chair: Dr. Carole Gibbs

Jina Lee
Interactions between victims of intimate partner violence and the police: Women's future intentions to call the police
Chair: April Zeoli

Seung Paek
Private Security Officers' Perceptions of Police Legitimacy in South Korea: Implications for police-private security cooperation
Chair: Mahesh Nalla

Ksenia Petlakh
Reforming Michigan's Criminal Indigent Defense Systems: Chief Judges' and Court Administrators' Experiences and Perceptions
Chair: Ed McGarrell

Sarah St. George
Assessing the Vulnerability in Targets of Lethal Domestic Extremism
Chair: Steve Chermak


Levente Zoltan Fejes
Investigating consumer demand for counterfeit goods: Examining the ability of Social Learning and Low Self-Control to explain volitional purchase of non-deceptive counterfeit products in an Eastern European college sample
Chair: Dr. Jeremy Wilson

Sadik Arin
Understanding the Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Crime Scene Investigators in Turkey
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Kimberly Bender
Exploring Incarcerated Women's Memorable Messages and the Effects of Prison Relationships on Doing Time
Chair: Dr. Jennifer Cobbina

Jack Drew
Sensitive But Unclassified: Examining The Use of Electronic Information Sharing Systems by Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States
Chair: Dr. Steve Chermak

Roy Fenoff
Guarding documents by increasing risks and reducing criminal opportunities: Applying environmental crime theories to forgery crimes
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Byung Hyun Lee
Examining the Effect of Low Self-Control and Deviant Peers on Real World and Cyber Deviance
Chair: Dr. Tom Holt

Juli Liebler
The use of classification schemes by police investigators
Chair: Dr. Steve Chermak

Michael Rossler
Environment and Citizen Resistance of Police Coercive Authority: Application of Defiance and Social Disorganization Theories
Chair: Dr. William Terrill

Brandon Sullivan
Network Analysis of the American Far-Right Criminal Anti-Tax Movement
Chair: Dr. Steve Chermak

Vaughn Crichlow
Small Business Owners in Detroit: An Assessment of Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy Perceptions
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Ryan Martz
Bias Crime Incidence in United States Counties, 2000-2009: An Application of Social Disorganization Theory
Chair: Dr. Steve Chermak

Alexis Norris
What about the B-listers? An offender analysis of the High Point Drug Market Intervention
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Miriam Northcutt Bohmert
Access to Transportation and Outcomes for Women on Probation and Parole
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Jason Rydberg
Sex Offender Reentry: The Negotiation of Treatment and GPS Monitoring Following Release from Prison
Chair: Dr. Tim Bynum

Charles Scheer
Adaptive Expertise in Police Work: The Role of In-Service Training
Chair: Dr. Jeremy Wilson

Rebecca Stone
A Narrative Inquiry of Women's Substance Use in Pregnancy and Motherhood
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Michael Suttmoeller
The Role of Leadership and other Factors in the Organizational Death of Domestic Far-Right Extremist Organizations
Chair: Dr. Steve Chermak

Margaret Fischer
The Police Organization, Stress, and the Intersection of Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Melissa Garmo
Prosecutorial Strategies for Managing Expert Scientific Evidence
Chair: Dr. Christopher Smith

Manish Madan
Understanding Attitudes Toward Spousal Abuse: Beliefs About Wife-Beating Justification Amongst Men and Women in India
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Raymund Narag
Mitigating Crime in a Slum Community: Understanding the Role of Social Structures, Social Processes and Community Culture in a Neighborhood Intervention Program
Chair: Dr. Sheila Maxwell

Tia Stevens
Effects of County and State Economic, Social, and Political Contexts on Racial/Ethnic and Gender Differences in Youth's Penetration into the Justice Systems
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Julie Yingling
Qualitative Study of Pathways to Involvement and Law Enforcement Avoidance Strategies in Methamphetamine Markets
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Mohammad Ali
Analysis of the Labeling Discourse Between the Jamaat ud Dawa and Its Critics Seen Through the Pakistani Print Media
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Ismail Demirkol
Examining the Antecedents of the Work Motivation in the Context of the Turkish National Police
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Joseph Johnson
From the Streets to Street Worker: Transitions and Transformations In and Out of Crime
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Wook Kang
Determinants of Officers' Attitudes Toward Community Policing in South Korea
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Dae-Hoon Kwak
Putting Neighborhood Contexts into the Mix: A Multi-level Analysis of Job Satisfaction Among South Korean Police Officers
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Juyoung Song
Pathways to Underage Prostitution Among Female Youth in South Korea
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Serkan Tasgin
Assessing an Age-Graded Theory of Informal Social Control: Qualitative Study of Exploring Pathways to Juvenile Incarceration in Turkey
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Jeremy Carter
Police Innovation: Exploring the Adoption of Intelligence-Led Policing
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Seok-jin Jeong
Long-Term Effects of Restorative Justice Conferencing on Future Criminality: The Indianapolis Experiment
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Suyeon Park
Domestic Violence and Help-Seeking Behavior Among Vietnamese Wives in Korea
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Nebi Cetinkaya
Perceptions of Police Corruption among Turkish Police Cadets
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Eric Grommon
The (In)Efficacy of Reentry Based Programs: Exploring the Differential Effects of Prisoner Reentry Dimensions on Outcome Indicators
Chair: Dr. Tim Bynum

Mustafa Halicioglu
Examination of the Relationship Between Self-Directedness and Outcomes of the Online COP Training Program in the Turkish National Police Context
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Jason Ingram
The Influence of Workgroups on Occupational Attitudes of the Police: A Multilevel Examination
Chair: Dr. Bill Terrill

Jeffrey Gruenewald
Ideologically-Motivated Homicide in the U.S., 1990-2007: A Comparison of Far-Right and Identity-Based Homicide
Chair: Dr. Steve Chermak

Amanda Burgess-Proctor
An Intersectional Analysis of Domestic Violence: Understanding the Help-Seeking Behavior of Marginalized Battered Women
Chair: Dr. Christina DeJong

Jinseong Cheong
Neighborhood Disorder, Dilapidated Housing, and Crime: Multilevel Analysis within a Midsized Midwestern City Context
Chair: Dr. Chris Maxwell

Onder Karakus 
A Quantitative Analysis of the Growing Business of Organized Crime: Structural Predictors of Cross-National Distribution of Human Trafficking Markets and Trafficking in Women in Turkey
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Bilal Sevinc
Participation in Terrorist Organizations: An Analysis of Left Wing DHKP/C and Religiously Motivated Turkish Hezbollah Terrorist Organizations
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Kaan Boke 
Police Culture in Turkey and US: A Comparative Study of Police Culture
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Nicholas Corsaro 
The Relationship between Lifestyle, Demographic, Situational, and Structural Features with Homicide in Indianapolis
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Chang-Hun Lee 
An Ecological Prediction Model of Bullying Behaviors Among South Korean Middle School Students
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Mengie Micheux Parker 
Criminogenic Variation Among Gang and Non-Gang Offenders
Chair: Dr. Charles Corley

C. Edward Banks 
The Effects of Early Substance Use Initiation on Measures of Social Control, Delinquency, and Future Substance Use
Chair: Dr. Tim Bynum

Cedrick Heraux
Neighborhood Context on Police Use of Force
Chair: Dr. Chris Maxwell

EuiGab Hwang 
A Multilevel Test of Fear of Crime: The Effect of Social Conditions, Perceived Community Policing Activities, and Perceived Risks in a Megalopolis
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

David Lilley 
Assessing Jurisdiction-Level Crime Trends During the 1990s: An Analysis of the Impact of Policing Changes
Chair: Dr. Cynthia Perez McCluskey

Carol Zimmermann
Federal Incentives to Address Gun Violence: A Model of Success and Failure
Chair: Dr. Ed McGarrell

Mischelle Stone
A Situational Analysis of Bounty Hunter Conduct
Chair: Dr. Frank Horvath

John Peterson Blair
The Roles of Interrogation, Perception, and Personality in Producing False Confessions
Chair: Dr. Frank Horvath

Ronald Craig
The Crack Versus Cocaine Sentencing Disparity: A Social Historical Analysis of Race-Based Laws Within the United States
Chair: Dr. Charles Corley

Michael Gray
Variations of Police Behavior by Neighborhood
Chair: Dr. Chris Maxwell

Sameer Hinduja
An Empirical Test of the Applicability of General Criminological Theories to Internet Crime
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Kristy Holtfreter
Responses to Occupational Fraud: A Study in the Behavior of Law
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Brandon Kooi
Environmental Criminology and Mapping Hot Spot Bus Stop Locations: A Social Ecological Approach for Conducting a Quasi-Experimental Design and Testing Defensible Space Concepts
Chair: Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Roni Mayzer
First Alcohol Use and the Development of Antisocial Behavior Problems from Preschool through Early Adolescence
Chair: Dr. Hiram Fitzgerald and Dr. Christina DeJong

Robert Meesig
An Exploratory Study Regarding the Effects of Community Policing on Index Crime Clearance Rates in Local Agencies with Investigators
Chair: Dr. Dennis Payne

Byong Ook Moon
The Influence of Organizational Socialization on Police Officers’ Acceptance of Community Policing: The Example of Korean Police
Chair: Dr. David Carter

Justin Patchin
Familial Relations and Intervention Amenability: Paving a Path to Delinquency Desistance
Chair: Dr. Tim Bynum

Yan Zhang
Explaining Drug Use and Delinquency by Race and Ethnicity: A Test of Differential Association, Social Bond, and Self-Control Theory
Chair: Dr. Merry Morash

Masters in Criminal Justice

DeMario Arnold
Sarah Bauer
Emily McGuire
Ross Militz
Destany Moore
Emily Norris
Kourtney Rodez

Olla Al-Araji
Satkiran Bilkhu
Morris Brown
Samantha Castillo
Nolan Gillespie
David Guardiola
Joseph Hockin
Oluwatobi Ishola - Effect of suspect's gender on police use of physical force
Tyler Kist
Joseph Klam
Amber Mandalari - Exploring the criminogenic need, risk of recidivism, official recidivism, and gang status in youth offenders
Trevariana Mason - Strategies used by African Americans during Police Encounters and their effect on "The Talk" given to Black Children
Benjamin McGowan
Andrew McNulty
Steven Pankiewicz
Denzel Pugh
Joshua Thelen
Brittnie Wedel

George Adams - Empowering Consumers as Capable Guardians to Prevent Online Product Counterfeiting Victimization in the Athletic Footwear Industry: A Routine Activity Perspective
Ravon Alford
Shelby Bierwagen
James Carr - Trickle-down effect: Do officer perceptions of organizational "fair treatment" influence the way they view the public?
Jealisha Calvert
Salvatore Dellospidale
Keiondra Grace - Black Female Victimization Matters: A Multiracial Feminist Approach to Violent Victimization
Andrea Kannike
Cesar Lugo
Ben Lund
Michelle Malkin - Self and Collective Efficacy in a Women's Prison
Michelle Martz
Amanda Nguyen
LaShawndra Patterson
Andrew Osentoski - Examining Identity Theft Victimization Using Routine Activities Theory
Amanda Rzotkiewicz - Understanding the relationship between the human microbiome and urban decay/recovery among autopsied adults in Detroit, Michigan
Carolyn Stapleton
Kevin Sweeney
Katelyn Tulgestke
Samantha Walchli
Janie Wallaert
Aracely Zepeda

Megan Almendinger
Donielle Bannon
Robin Barker
Jennifer Bentz
Tierra Blue
Quiana Capers
Emmanuel Connell
Todd Dalson
William Daugherty
Terrence DeGrenier
Matthew Giering
Mark Giuffre
Skylar Hunt
Brianna Lingo
Michael Moore
Chanelle Robinson
Michael Sian
Sarah Strubbe
Marc Toomey
Matt Weiser

Elizabeth Adams - Maternal Motivations and Criminal Desistance
Megan Bolter
Melinda Brooks
Emily Eudy
Timothy Fortin
Marva Goodson - Delinquent Girls' Descriptions of Prior, Current, and Future Selves and the Relationship of Self Description and Prior Adversities to Current Illegal and Prosocial Behavior
Anastasia Herrera
Vafa Izadinia
Megan Kraushaar
Swee Lian Lim
Joseph Marsh
Anthony Negrut
Jennifer Rosso
Brian Rossow
James Rouse
Christopher Shier
Jeremy Sulkowski
Brandon Turchan - Does the Public React to Mass Murders and Violent Crime by Applying for Concealed Handgun Permits?

Ryan Arthur
Richard Benack
Alison Colby - Sorry, This Bus is Not in Service: Public Transportation Accessibility as a Source of Recidivism Risk in Rural Areas
Bryan Czako
Celinet Duran
Elaine Furr
Geoffrey Gawne
Andrew Gilchrist
O'Doric Green
Michelle Hamilton
Mitchell Hengesbach
Marylynn Jordan
Gerald Kaphing
Khalid Khowaja
Paige Kinneberg
Benjamin Koepke
Travis Kosir
Charles Lofaso
Summer Machleit
Chae Mamayek - The Relationship Between Weather and Disaggregated Homicide Types
Jason Osoff
Catherine Nash
Layne Pethick
Jilliann Prenkert
Benjamin Rosek
Amanda Seward
Randy Spence
Jennifer Sullivan
Kimberly Tanguay
Simone Terfa
Jeffrey Way
Meagan Whitehead

Lee Adams
Lindsay Bingham
Tanya Campos
William Carr
Yi Ting Chua - The Role of Gender and Risk Perception among Police Officers: General Lifestyle Risks and Occupation-Specific Risks
Karie Gregory
Thomas Griffith
Lauren Healey - The Relationship Between Diet and Aggression in Adolescents
Austin Heiser
Jason Hopfer
Dondrea Jackson
Lynn Keller
Samantha Kerwin
Amelia Levett
Christopher Marion
Eric Mattson
Hector Melchor
Cham Nguyen
Meghann O'Connor
Jeremy Orr
Jaemia Pratt
Brandon Richey
Robert Scholey
Nicole Sinis
Todd Szyska
Ashley Towner
Robert Weed
Elizabeth Wilbanks

Jennifer Adams - Patterns of Specialization and Escalation in the Criminal Careers of Gang and Nongang Homicide Offenders
Patrick Boland
Adam Bouchard
Jeremy Croy
Michael Curran
Chelsea Diem - A Program Evaluation of an Intensive Supervision Probation Program in a College City: Revisiting the Debate between Rehabilitation and Control
Sarah Fitzgerald - The Impact of Religion on Domestic Right Wing Extremist Groups and Organizational Violence
Rhonda Gardner
Megan Graham
Steven Grubbs
Andrew Hicks
Mary Lynn Infantino
Alisha Knotts
Melanie Morley
Marc Nemeth
Jacob Olson
Rebecca Pilarski
Stephen Preston
Danielle Roche
Sandra Salazar
Steffanie Sawmiller
Aaron Smith
Eric Smith
Ines Straube
Kate Toth
Julius Tuma
Frederick Walraven
Brit Weber
Heidi Wolven
Jason Zurbrick

David Alley
Megan Beckwith
Tyler Braswell
Kimberly Cataldo
Jenna Ciccarelli
Andrew Demock
Michael Galezewski
Sheila Grindle
Jason Hildebrant
James Kejonen
Jonathan Koestel
Samuel Lopez
Matthew Morales
Kari Moreno
Michael Mudry
Daniel Nadler
Michael Rossler

Alexandra Cassar
Caleb Casselman
Richard Chase
Timothy Chevrier
Elisabeth Filemyr
Carmen Gackstetter
Rafael Garcia
Jason Harris
Angela Huss
Nadem Hussain
Byung Hyun Lee - The Impact of Parental Supervision on Delinquent Behavior
Jennifer Janowski
Emily Lepczyk
Dale Marsden
Justin McCormack
Kisha Munn-Clark
Margaret Pick
Kubilay Sara
Michael Smydra
Kieran Spaulding
Rebecca Stone - The Nexus of Economic Distress and Domestic Violence
Abigail Sudds
Danny Trieff
Eric Wildey
Scott Yokom
Scott Zonnebelt

Tanya Attal
Nayatt Ayub - The Influence and Importance of Media Coverage on Project Safe Neighborhoods
Mark Bridge
Christopher Bridges
Shannon Brigman
Jonathan Bunge
Kevin Clark
Alice Cyr
Tiffany Godsey
Rebecca Grant
Kathleen Kelley - The First Decision: Police Handling of Sexual Assault Cases 
Kristina Leonardi
Kyleen Luy
Kaye Marz - An Integrative Model of Exposure to Violence, Aggression, and Violent Offending
Alexis Norris - An Exploratory Study on the Effect of Restorative Justice on School Success
Kristin Raymond
Richard VanGessel
Reginald Wilson

Breana Berden
Leeann Bies
Kacey Bitgood
Katie Christianson
Anne Corbin
Joseph DeLeeuw
Oscar Draughn
Susan Gade
April Gaeta
Daniel Gasson
Amy Grunz
Mustafa Halicioglu
Ned Heath
Ryan Heethuis
Robert Hutting
Hideya Isshiki - The Effects of Cultural Elements on Saiban-in Seido (Lay Judge System)
Seung Hyun Jon
Gregory Kranich
Young In Lim
Jacqueline Lindeman
William McCabe
Raymund Narag - Criminal Victimizations in the Philippines: A Test of Lifestyle-Exposure, Routine Activities and Social Disorganization Theories
Scott Nichols
Justin Noble
Richard Rosales
Joshua Reinsch
Jesse Sowell
Michelle Vanlaan
Brenda Walker
Yun Jong Yu

Kristin Berggren
Sarah Boucher
Hilary Carter - Factors of Police Officer Occupation Socialization as they Affect the Injury of Suspects in Police Encounters
Jeremy Carter - The Effect the Intelligence Toolbox Training Program has on State, Local, & Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies' Ability to Develop or Re-Engineer an Intelligence Capacity & the Effect that Agency Size has on the Adequacy of an Agency's Intelligence Capacity
Eric Chapman
Elizabeth Esposito
Stacey-Ann Gordon
Youngsun Han
Keith Hermons
Gregory  Justis - Images of Legitimacy: Presentation of Forensics Programming in Contemporary News Publications
Elizabeth Kizer
Leslie Lawson
Tracy Loynachan
Erin Mead
Christopher Michelsen
Virginia Mouch
Candace Richards
Michael Southern
Ryan Strong
Hamza Tosun
Michael Wiggins

Gregory Anderson
Jessica Auer
Melinda Berry
Lisa Bryant
Steve Calley
Rachel Campbell
Pietro Ciranni
Tiffany Culmer - A Microspectrophotometric Characterization of Dyed and Bleached Hair
Erin Farr - UV Microspectrophotometry of Fibers from Apparently White Textiles Encountered in Forensic Casework
Noel Garcia
Daryl Green
Eric Grommon - The Effect of Socialization on Onset Behavior: An Examination into Youthful Firearm Offending Patterns in Michigan
Rebecca Hayes
Wendy Jackman - The Impact of Law on Juvenile Detention Facilities
Catherine Keppeler
Kathryn Ketner
In Gul Kim- Studying Effect of the Spatial Autocorrelation on the Social Disorganization Theory: Replicating the Study of Baller and his Colleagues
Jongbo Kim - South Korean Police Officers' Job Attitudes and Job Performance
Erin Leipold
Cheryl Lema
Timothy Metz - The Effect of Flattening on Nylon Carpet Fibers as Studied by Visible Microspectophotometry
Mi Rang Park
Roxanne Smith - The Influence of Paper on the Color of Ink Using Microspectrophotometry
Tiffany Smith
Maria Tovar
Allison Turner
James Whalen
Heather Wood - Validation of the Reliagene Y-STR Systems, Y-PLEX 5 and 6, for High-throughput Analysis on an ABI Prisma 3100
Daniel Young

Mohammad Ali - Specialization Among Sex Offenders
Catherine Allor - The Characterization of Variant Alleles in 13 CODIS STR Loci for Use in Paternity Dispute Resolutions
John Anderson
Temisha Anderson
Thomas Bade
Francisco Barocio - The Effects of Acculturation on Attitudes toward Crime and Justice Among Individuals of Mexican Descent
Lynne Burley - An Evaluation of Pubic Hair Characterization Techniques for Forensic Casework
William Cabase
Coral Damon-Brown - The Development of a Comprehensive Adhesive Electronic Spectral Library - White Based Glue and Gel
John Delano
Jamie Dunn - Detection of Ink Dyes by Laser Desorption Mass Spectrometry and the Use of Photochemistry for Dye Characterization
Sherri Freeman - The Validation of Cytochrome B Primer for Forensic Species Identification
Dian Gonyea
Elizabeth Graffy - Development and Validation of a Simple Alkaline Extraction Method for Mitochondrial DNA from Human Hair Shafts
Mark Guilfoyle
Ewell Harris
Gina Hendrix - A Test of Reintegrative Shaming Theory's Concepts of Interdependence and and Expressed Shame in Restorative Justice  Conferencing
Kirsten James - The Analysis and Comparison of Adhesives by Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Seok-jin Jeong - Effects of Sexually Explicit Materials, Attachment to Parents and Peers on Sexual Behavior Among South Korean Youths
Pa Musa Jobarteh
Takessa Johnson
Kaleo Kaluhikalani - Development of an FTIR Library of Adhesive Tapes
Kimberly Lamarche
Ryan Martz - Injury as a Result of Armed Robbery: A Study of Robbery Victimization in Detroit's Eighth Precinct, 2001-2002
Laura Myers
Cheryl Reid
John Wittkowski
Katherine Wydeven - The Effect of Fiber Flattening Using the S.E.E. 1100 Microspectrophotometer
Melissa Youderian

Masters in Forensic Science

Alexandria Anstett - Characterization of Synthetic Phenethylamines using Low-Resolution and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Trevor Curtis - Chemical Analysis of Tattoo Inks to Aid in the Identification of Highly Decomposed Remains

Cynthia Kaeser - Synthetic Cathinone Characterization and Isomer Identification Using Collision-Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry

Maureen Moffit - The Evaluation of Macromorphoscopic Traits to Determine Secular Change Among a Sample of African and American Blacks

Alyssa Badgley - Influences of Time, Temperature, and Quantity on Next-Generation 16S Bacterial DNA Sequencing for Forensic Soil Evidence Analysis

Barbara Fallon - A tale of two Corchorus species: Jute and its substitutes in commercial goods

Kristen Reese - Association and Discrimination of Smokeless Powders Utilizing Non-Targeted Mass Spectrometry and Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Tim Antinick - Intra-bone Heterogeneity of Recoverable DNA from Fresh, Buried, and Exposed Femora

Rebecca Brehe - Overcoming Challenges in Fire Debris Analysis Caused by Evaporation

Fanny Chu - Improving Methods for the Analysis of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants

Ellen Jesmok - Adoption of Next-Generation16S Bacterial Sequencing Practices for the Forensic Analysis of Soil

Rebecca Ray - Examination of Factors that Affect the Recovery and Analysis of DNA from Spent Cartridge Casings

Ashley Doran - Optimizing the Analysis of Trace DNA from Fingernail Evidence

Jordyn Geiger - Development of Class Reference Standards for Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Fire Debris

James Hopkins - Forensic Soil Bacterial Profiling using 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing and Diverse Statistics

John McIlroy - Effects of Data Pretreatment on the Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Chemically Complex Samples

Ashley Mottar - Optimization of Recovery and Analysis of Touch DNA from Spent Cartridge Casings

Nicole Geske - A Comparative Analysis of Three Sternal Rib End Aging Methods on an American Sample

Christine Hay - Elemental Analysis of Gunshot Residue to Differentiate Bullet Type and Firing Distance

Lisa Hebda - DNA Isolation and Analysis from Skeletal Remains: Evaluating the Utility of Soil DNA Extraction Kits

Seth Hogg - Analysis of Lead-free Ammunition by Scanning Electron Microscopy Using Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy and Discrimination of Samples Using Principal Components Analysis

Karlyn Lawrence - The effects of Cerebral Palsy on dental development

Michelle Metchikian - Mitochondrial DNA recovery and analysis from spent cartridge casings

Kacie Miner - An Examination of the Relationship Between Asymmetrical Antemortem Tooth Loss and Asymmetrical Cranial Suture Closure

Emily Riddell - Differentiation of Paper by Elemental Profile Using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry, Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optimal Emission Spectrometry, and Multivariate Statistical Procedures

Monica Bugeja - Comparison of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for Discrimination of Salvia divinorum from Related Salvia Species using Chemometric Procedures

Amanda Buszek - Sex Determination Assay for Degraded or Low Quality DNA based on Pyrosequencing of High Copy Number Loci

Scott Grammer - Analysis of DNA Obtained from Wireless Electronic Triggering Mechanisms used with Improvised Explosive Devices

Jade McDaniel - The Effects of Multiple Handlers on Development of DNA Profiles from Assemblers of Deflagrated Pipe Bombs

Karlie McManaman - Effects of Extraction Procedure and Gas Chromatography Temperature Program on Discrimination of MDMA Exhibits Using Impurity Profiles

Alicya Orlando - The Recovery and Analysis of DNA from Fired Cartridge Casing

Kristin Perrine - The Effect of Dental Restorations on Two Dental Aging Methods Utilizing Tooth Root Translucency

Sarah Thomasma - A Comparison of Trace DNA Collection Techniques from Worn and Handled Clothing

Suzanne Towner - An Investigation of Unsupervised and Supervised Multivariate Statistical Procedures for the Analysis of Fire Debris

Julie Fleischman - A Comparative Evaluation of the Chen et al. and Suchey-Brooks Pubic Bone Aging Methods on a North American Sample

Stephen Gicale - The Effects of Cyanoacrylate Fuming on the Quantity and Quality of DNA Recovered from Deflagrated Pipe Bombs

Shannon Peters - The Optimized Use and Recovery of DNA from Tape Lifts

Kaitlin Prather - Using Multivariate Statistical Procedures to Identify Ignitable Liquid Residues in the Presence of Interferences

Elizabeth Shattuck - Geographic Origins of Illegally Harvested Hawksbill Sea Turtle Products

Ethan Smith - Microbial Profiling of Soil for Forensic Applications

Melissa Willard - Forensic Identification of Salvia divinorum and Related Salvia Species Using Chemometric Procedures

Rachel Aikman - The Development Of A Nucleic Acid-Based Method For Assessing the Age of Bloodstains

Sara Jubelirer - A Genetic Assay for Estimating Scalp Hair Pigmentation from Forensic Specimens

Ruth Udey - Differentiation of Bullet Type Based on Analysis of Gunshot Residue Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry 

Tiffany Van De Mark - The Influence of Evaporation and Matrix Interferences on the Association and Discrimination of Ignitable Liquids using Chemometric Procedures

Jane Wankmiller - Positive Identification Using Comparisons of Lumbar Spine Radiographs: A Validation Study

Jamie Baerncopf - Association and Discrimination of Ignitable Liquids from Matrix Interferences Using Chemometric Procedures

Kamila Gomez - Recovery and Quantification of Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA from Improvised Explosive Devices Using Comparative Soaking and Swabbing Techniques

Patricia Joiner - Optimization of a Microwave-Assisted Extraction Procedure for the Extraction of Organic Impurities from Seized MDMA Tablets

Brianne Kiley - A Highly Sensitive Sex Determination Assay for Low Quality DNA

Sarah Meisinger - Comparison of Extraction Procedures for the Extraction of Organic Impurities from 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

Andrea Clowes - A Comparison of Two Methods of Age Determination using Histomorphology: Periosteal versus Endosteal Surface Equations

Jennifer Froelich - Development of a Small-Scale Tandem Mass Spectrometry Approach for the Analysis of Protein Biomarkers from Biological Threat Agents

Rebecca Golas - Skeletal Weathering and mtDNA Isolation: A Study of Dental Remains

Amber Heard - Non-Metric Assessment of Southeast and Northeast Asian Ancestry in the Forensic Context

Shane Hoffmann - Investigative Studies into the Recovery of DNA from Improvised Explosive Device Containers

Stefanie Kremer - Genetic Identification of Assemblers of Pipe Bombs

Lisa Lagoo - The Persistence of GSR in Decomposing Tissue and Blowfly Larvae

Timothy Lange - The Effects of Soil Chemistry on Skeletal Preservation at the Voegtly Cemetery

Erin Lenz - Rhizobial T-RFLP Analysis for Differentiating Soils and Habitats

Christina Malone - A Radiographic Assessment of Pediatric Fracture Healing and Time Since Injury

Lucas Marshall - Association and Discrimination of Diesel Fuels Using Chemometric Procedures for Forensic Arson Investigations

Kristy Bachus - Evaluation of a Novel Decontamination and DNA Recovery and Detection Method for Bacillus anthracis

Nicole Burt - Testing the Demirjian Method and International Demirjian Method on an Urban American Sample

Heather Dotzauer - Organic Impurity Profiling of Illicit Ecstasy Tablets Using Solid-Phase Microextraction/GC-MS

Ken Eilert - Polymerase Resistance to PCR Inhibitors in Bone

Kelly Greenough - Forensic Analysis of Cosmetic Face Powders

Brian Higgins - Examination of Structural Polymorphism at D21S11 Locus: Implications in Human Identification Applications

Kimberly Jennings - Gene Expression and Development in Blow Flies: A Method to More Precisely Estimate Postmortem Intervals

Srividhya Kidambi - Analysis of Metallic Nanoparticles in Polymer Films for Illicit Drug Analysis as Chemical Sensors

Elizabeth McGaw - Trace Metal Profiling in Document Papers Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Melissa Meaney - Separation and Quantitation of Nitrated Explosives using Thin-Layer Chromatography and Charge-Coupled Device Camera Imaging

Carl Newman - Microchip Separations of Alkaloids with UV-Absorbance Spectral Detection

Christina Rauzi - Genetic Analysis of Burials from the Butrint, Albania Triconch Palace and Merchant's House

Luther Schaeffer - The Persistence of Gunshot Residue on Decomposing Tissue

Gwynyth Scherperel - Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Detection of Characterization of Smokeless Powder

Shannon Soltysiak - Alkaline Digestion of Head and Pubic Hairs for Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA Analysis

Agnieszka Steiner - Performance of the Reflected Ultraviolet Imaging System (RUVIS) in Visualizing Latent Fingerprints on Various Non-porous and Semi-porous surfaces

Chadwyck Douglass - FTIR Spectrophotometry of Office and Packaging Tapes that have been Subjected to Accelerated Aging by Incandescent and UV Light

Ann Chamberlain - Criminal Paternity DNA Testing of Microscopically-Identified Formalin-Fixed Chorionic Villi in Paraffin-Embedded Products of Conception

Carrie Jackson - A More Sensitive Sex Determination Assay

Audrey Martin - The Application of Single Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometry for the Detection and Identification of High Explosives and Chemical Warfare Agents

Melissa Meyers - The Utility of Microbial DNA and Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis in the Forensic Examination of Soil

Corinne Michaud - A Comparison of Simple Tissue Preservation Methods that Result in Reliable DNA Analysis

Lindsey Murray - Genetic Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from Kamenica, Albania

Michael Mutolo - Molecular Identification of Pathogens in Ancient Skeletal Remains from Butrint and Diaporit, Albania

Melissa Torpey - An Investigation of Stages of Epiphyseal Union in the Cervical Vertebrae of Young Adult Skeletons

Shirliejean Arnold - Metric Methods Used to Determine Race: Can they Identify Native Michigan Populations?

Amy Barber - The Utility of Whole Genome Amplification in Forensic DNA Analysis

Jennifer Beatty - Proof of Death: An Analysis of the Methods that the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Used to Establish Death

Joann Bilek - Forensic Analysis of Black Mascara via Microscopy, FTIR, SEM-EDS, and Visible Microscopy

Virginia Clemmer - Material Relatedness Within Double Burials of an Ancient Albanian Tumulus

Jeffrey Dake - Characterization of Match Head Based Improvised Explosive Devices

Andrea Halvorson - Quantification of mtDNA in Aged Skeletal Material

Jessica Jennings - Distribution of Methadone and EDDP in Postmortem Toxicology Cases

Kellie Kincaid - Hexane Based ninhydrin Rinse for Latent Print Enhancement on Plastic Materials Following Application of Black Powder

Kristin Kopchick - Color Analysis of Apparently Achromatic Automotive Paints by Visible Microspectrophotometry

Stephanie Rennick - Genetic Analysis of a Monumental Structure within the Kamenica, Albania Tumulus

Suzanne Rojas - An Analysis of Automobile Pinstriping

Ellyn Schuette - Enhanced Latent Fingerprint Detection in Missing and Exploited Children Investigations

Suzanne Shunn - DNA based Ancestry Analysis of Skeletal Remains from Fort Michilimackinac (1715-1781)

Carissa Stark - A Basic Study of Lipsticks Utilizing Microspectrophotometry, Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry, and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Amanda Sturdevant - The Development of a Comprehensive Scheme for the Analysis of Electrical Tape Using Instrumental and Chemometric Methods

Tavy Wade - Caffeine: An Environmental Forensic Tracer in a Household Septic Tank as an Indication of Human Activity

Danielle Albert - Characterization of Denim Fibers Using Visible Microspectrophotometry

Michael Gehring - The Recovery and Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA from Exploded Pipe Bombs

Sara McNorton - The Characterization of Automobile Body Fillers

Lisa Misner - Predicting mtDNA Quality Based on Bone Weathering and Type

Scott Ramsey - Method Development of an Adaptive Air Sampling Device for Use with Portable Gas Chromatography in Field Forensic Analyses

Lauren Stanchek - Parentage Assignment of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta, L.) Juveniles Following Stocking of Multiple Donor Populations

David Szymanski - The Application of Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) for Discrimination of Float Glass Fragments

Elizabeth Whitman - Differentiating Between Human and Non-Human Secondary Osteons in Human, Canine, and Bovine Rib Tissue

Masters in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis (LEIA)

Amber Addi
Amy Alimo
Suzanne Courtemanche
Matthew Dolengowski
Shauna Jahnz
Gina Kramer
Lauren Leonard
Jasmine McEvoy
Ryan McInerney
Katie Miedema
Connor Miller
Ameka Mmoh
Dalila Omerovic
Dustin Smith
Jesse Spencer
Jessica Tassava
Tyler Tennies
Andrew Whitford
Danielle Whitley

Shawn Abela
Rachel Barraw
Alexander Bayleran
Kristin Bixman
Kelsey Brower
Jennifer Burger
Chris Cardona
Sarah Chamberlain
Cory Chavez
Nicholas Didyk
John Durkacz
John Edwards
Khiwan Edwards
Raphael Ranalli Mariano Fonseca
Paxton Gordon
Kyra-lin Hom
Ryan Kohler
Megan Kryska
Ryan Lea
Jade McEvoy
Katherine Murphy
Amanda Nettles
Alexander O'Connor
Chadwick Olms
Morgan Pilat
Christina Radak
Andrea Resendez
Evan Sisk
Martin Smith
Amanda Soltman
Katie Strainer
Evan Tomaszewski
Erin Vickery

Allysha Adkins
Roseanne Atsalakis
Kevin Brady
Chad Campbell
Ryan DeClark
Blerta Devole
Edward Early
Alexander Ellis
Lauren Felix
Andrew Gacom
Ryan Griffith
Nicole Harmon
Matthew Heffelfinger
Adam Hewitt
Joanna Laughlin
Frederick Ludwig
Rebekah Lueck
Julia Mantecon
Rory McDonough
Kristen Miggans
Mark Mills
Tuyet Nguyen
Ashley Noffsinger
Kristin O'Shesky
Andrea Owen
Ryan Phillips
Anthony Reader
Ty Shoopman
Monica Smith
Megan Sullivan
Samuel Talbott
Lisa Tong
Mark Varney

Joshua Adamson
Timothy Anderlonis
Karis Anderson
Alexis Archer
Erin Auwen
Kenneth Boateng
Lidice Calero
Natalie Doede
Adelynn Drescher
Lisa Fortuna
Nickolas Gatt
Andrew Gaydos
Hillary Genrich
Silke Harmon
Robert Henkes
Ramsen Khoshaba
Matthew Kreft
Joseph Kuderko
Brandon Mac
Jared McQuiston
Riley Montgomery
Jennifer Morin
Joel Ortez
Terry Pearson
Ryan Pfeiffer
Christopher Rennie
Krista Robbins
Nathan Ryan
Alexander Smith
Christopher Theisen
Carryll Wang
Ryan Watts
Alexander White
Daniel Wibert

Daniel Barnes
Meghan Barrette
Jeffery Bladel
Scott Bobin
Megan Bolter
Nile Cassett
James Chitwood
Michael Clair
Daniel Coons
Ethan Dailing
Colleen Egan
Adam Fick
Lisa Fisher
Walter Flaschka
Janel Galvan
David Gervais
Leigh Halas
Bessie Jacob
Sharon Lee
Anjeza Levanaku
Erin Lucker
Jessica Lyons
Margaret Mieras
Sara Miles
Kevin Otte
Enoch Pei
Courtney Percival
Colby Richardson
Nicholas Stai
Steven Steiber
Eric Stoppels
Jennifer Zobel

Amanda Battani
Charles Broaddus
Brennan Brophy
Dominic Bumadianne
Zenaida Castro
Reid Chakrabarty
Justin Childress
Kelby Coffelt
Lisa Cramer
Harriet Dao
Elizabeth Delaney
Adam Denz
James Dingeldein
Zachary Doolittle
Anna Fleming
Albert Guerrero
Rodney Harris
Jeffrey Hill
Sue Ellen Howard
Gregory Jara
Joseph Jones
Andrijan Jovanovski
Kristan Koehler
Gary Lewis
Kristi Louis
Samantha Michaud
Catherine Moore
Samuel Munchiando
Scott Nalu
Joshua Pointer
Lisa Rish
Gary Zhang

Kristin Anderson
Matthew Bade
Conrad Beeler
Mesha Cichon
Bernard Clark
David Crocker
Ryan DeLuca
William Dokianos
Matthew Hayes
Jeffrey Houtteman
Rishi Kuthiala
Weston Laabs
Grace Langeland
Jacqueline Lesane
Zachary McMenamin
Danielle Mildge
Jennifer Moss
Natalie Oroz
Elizabeth Peterson
Michael Phelps
Stephanie Piette
Christopher Rasor
Robert Reeves
Jeremy Riley
Elias Salazar
Jessica Shah
Eric Smithmier
Sarah Soldatke
Shana Spehar
Kirstin Walsh

Rikki Bancroft-Shook
Kathleen Bohrer
Christopher Bowman
Adrianne Downing
Aaron Doyle
John Elkins
Grady Emmons
Heather Gale
Cailean Gee
Jake Hauske
Nicholas Jarmuzewski
Shannon Jasica
Denise Krall
Stephanie Lemmon
Scott Macek
Natalie McKenzie
Emily Munchiando
Justin Reese
Harwood Rowland
Brad Scala
Jenna Shiver
Melissa Short
Kelly Tebay
Caitlin Ward
Roland Wenger
Joshua Wesley

Bryan Bryson
Brandon Cavanaugh
Nicholas Cromie
Caitlin Cuddohy
Richard Gallagher
Robert Hipple
Nathan Loosvelt
Sean Maday
Keri Medo
Mary Meerschaert
Christina Mezwa
Shannon Moore
Samantha Muller
Nicole Reinsch
Kevin Saupp
Amanda Sloan
Devin Taylor
Alexandra Valencia

Joseph Ahonen
Sean Brady
Michelle Fitzgerald
Regan Foerster
Nicoles Freeman
Vicky Greig

Masters in Judicial Administration

Ann Filkins
Kimberly Howard
Aimee Primus
Kenlyn Snow

Sarah Couture
Theresa Ewing
Travoria Robinson
Stephanie Stewart
Nina Vassallo
Sylvia Williams

Jessica Birnbaum
Nicole Eallonardo
Lisa Fusik
Latia Sanders Terrado
Marty Sullivan
Tracy Uhrin

Heather Boening
Tracy Johnson
Keah Marsh
Jason McDonald
Jeffrey West