Graduate On-Campus Programs

Interested in an internationally renowned graduate program?  The School of Criminal Justice offers two residential masters degree programs along with a residential PhD degree program.

The first residential program is a 30-credit hour Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, designed to prepare and enhance criminal justice professionals with coursework in the operation and management of different areas of the criminal justice system. The program provides students with analytic skills, an interdisciplinary knowledge base, and practical understanding of the settings where law enforcement, courts, correctional, and corporate security policies are implemented. There is also an option for an international focus that allows students to explore criminal justice systems in other countries.

The second residential program is the Masters Degree in Forensic Science. Forensic Science – the application of scientific methods to legal matters – is an exciting, complex, and multidisciplinary field of study. The 38-credit hour program is designed to give a broad theoretical and practical background in the scientific, legal, and investigative aspects of forensic science in one of two concentration areas: Forensic Biology and Forensic Chemistry.

The Doctoral program in Criminal Justice is designed to support the interdisciplinary study of crime and criminal justice. The program permits students to design an individualized curriculum that can focus on traditional issues of crime, violence, law and society, and the administration of justice, as well as emerging areas such as conservation criminology, cyber crime, prevention of product counterfeiting, security, and terrorism. Students develop a cognate area of study, building on the strengths of Michigan State University and developing a strong foundation in social science theory and research methods. The Doctoral program prepares students for careers in college and university teaching and research, as well as advanced public-policy positions.