Dr. Maureen Conner teaches at the Pacific Judicial Council Mid-Year Meeting

Photo of JA Program Pacific Judicial Council 2014

The Pacific Judicial Council held its mid-year meeting and training program in September 2014. The event was hosted by Chief Justice Cyprian Manmaw in YAP, Federated States of Micronesia. Dr. Maureen Conner taught a two-day program on “The Leadership Factor”.

Seated (front row) from left to right: Chief Justice Benjamin Rodriguez, Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong, Chief Justice Robert Torres, Chief Justice Cyprian Manmaw, Chief Justice Camillo Noket, Dr. Maureen Conner, Chief Justice Aliksa Alkisa, U.S. District Judge Consuelo Marshall, Chief Justice Alexandro Castro, Sally Pym.
Standing (back row): Charles White, Anstain Ioanis, Hasinta Tabelual, Judge Robert Naraja, Marciano Wakuk, Isauo Kuena, Justice Philip Carbullido, Joshua Tenorio, Christopher Budasi, Justice Perry Inos, Libuw Pongliyab, Judge Arthur Barcinas, Poping Cepeda, Sonia Camacho, Judge Heather Kennedy, William Bezzant.

Special thanks to photographer William Bezzant.