Sydney Litterer

Sydney  Litterer
  • PhD Student
  • School of Criminal Justice
  • BS 2019, University of Kentucky


Curriculum Vitae


Sydney Litterer is a 1st-year doctoral student in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. She is interested in researching violent extremism, with a focus on how extremists interact in online spaces and how they acquire social and political power in democratic countries. Sydney graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2019 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a certificate in peace studies. She has worked as a research assistant with the RAND Corporation since 2019.


An Assessment of the U.S. and Chinese Industrial Bases in Quantum Technology (RR-A869-1)

Year: 2022 Authors: Parker, E., Gonzales, D., Kochhar, A.K., Litterer, S., O'Connor, K., Schmid, J., Scholl, K., Silberglitt, R., Chang, J., Eusebi, C.A., & Harold, S.W. Publisher: RAND Corporation

How to Effectively Assess the Impact of Non-Lethal Weapons as Intermediate Force Capabilities (RR-A654-1)

Year: 2022 Authors: Romita Grocholski, K., Savitz, S., Wong, J.P., Litterer, S., Khan, R., & Cooper, M. Publisher: RAND Corporation

Measuring Strategic Readiness: Identifying Metrics for Core Dimensions (RR-A453-1)

Year: 2021 Authors: Martin, B., Linick, M.E., Fraade-Blanar, L., Gardner Burns, J., Foran, C., Romita Grocholski, K., Hastings, K.C., Litterer, S.J., Lynch, K.F., & Mondschein, J. Publisher: RAND Corporation

A Structured Elicitation Approach to Identify Technology-Based Challenges With Application to Inform Force Planning for Technological Surprise (RR-A701-1)

Year: 2021 Authors: Mayer, L.A., Schmid, J., Litterer, S.J., & Blumenthal, M.S. Publisher: RAND Corporation

Keeping the Defense Industrial Base Afloat During COVID-19: A Review of Department of Defense and Federal Government Policies and Investments in the Defense Industrial Base (RR-A1392-1)

Year: 2021 Authors: Wirth, A.J., Litterer, S., Loredo, E.N., Baldwin, L.H., & Sanchez, R. Publisher: RAND Corporation