Steven Dow earned a J.D. from the Ohio State University and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Michigan.  He joined the School of Criminal Justice in 1998, after being on M.S.U.’s business school faculty for 19 years.  He was also a visiting professor at the University of Michigan Business School and Department of Political Science.

Dr. Dow’s current research focuses on four different areas.  The first is exploring Fourth Amendment limitations on doorway arrests and other aspects of doorway confrontations between police and occupants of a dwelling. The second is exploring the overlap between criminal law and civil law, especially in the context of regulating the financial services industry and the automotive industry.  This work includes an analysis of using existing and proposed statutes to sanction wrongful acts in these industries and the application of the corporate ethos theory to establish mens rea.  The third area is exploring legal education and training, particularly integrating social science into the traditional law school curriculum.  The fourth area is pretrial detention.  Currently he is working on a project that explores the development of heightened judicial scrutiny in equal protection challenges to money bail systems.

His research has been published in a variety of scholarly journals, including the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, Harvard Journal on Legislation, New England Law Review, Michigan State University Law Review, Temple Journal of Science, Technology & Environmental Law, Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law, Loyola of Los Angles Law Review, Indiana Law Journal, University of Pittsburgh Law Review, Washington University Law Quarterly, and the Journal of Forensic Sciences.  Dr. Dow’s research has been cited several times by both federal and state courts, including three different federal circuit courts of appeal and a state supreme court, and has been cited frequently by legal scholars in numerous journal articles.

He has served as the Senior Staff Editor and Articles Editor for the American Business Law Journal, and has served as an outside reviewer for the Law and Society Review, Criminology and Public Policy, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, the International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, and the American Business Law Journal.

Dr. Dow teaches Criminal Procedure, Comparative & Historical Criminal Justice, and Introduction to Criminal Justice.