Fall 2012


One of the privileges of serving in the director role at the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University is that you are able to see the many ways that our faculty, staff, students and alumni impact the world.  During the first few months of the fall semester this has been evident in a variety of ways.  The annual Wall of  Fame event recognized five outstanding graduates who have made important contributions to the field of practice and in academia.  Our graduate students were actively involved in the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association meetings with one, Vaughn Crichlow, being recognized for the outstanding student paper.  The graduate students reflect their mentors and this year has seen our faculty consistently appear in the leading academic journals.

One of the ways we have this impact is through establishing partnerships.  Our outreach unit has partnered with the Michigan State Police and law enforcement executives throughout the state to develop an innovative problem-based first line supervision course.  Recently, a new group of Spartan police leaders successfully completed the course. Our faculty and staff involved in the Drug Market Intervention program, through a partnership with communities across the nation and supported by the Bureau of  Justice Assistance, recently returned from Roanoke, Virginia.  It was very gratifying to hear from local residents about the enhanced safety and quality of life in their neighborhood.  Indeed, one resident noted how he had purchased Halloween candy as he anticipates having Trick-or-Treaters knocking on his door for the first time in years.

As you will read in the following articles, the School continues to impact lives in every aspect of its mission!

-Ed McGarrell, director