Dae Chang Visiting Scholar Dr. Justice Tankebe


Justice Tankebe (University of Cambridge)

Photo of Dr. Justice Tankabe (Dae Chang Speaker)Building on Bottoms and Tankebe’s work on Beyond Procedural Justice, where they outlined a theory of legitimacy with a dual focus on public moral recognition of police power and on how police officers justified power to themselves, Dr. Justice Tankebe, a lecturer in Criminology from the University of Cambridge delivered his talk to the faculty and graduate students at the School of Criminal Justice as part of Dae Chang International Scholars speaking engagement.  Dr. Tankebe’s address focused on police officers’ prosocial behaviors such as legal compliance and support for crime prevention. In his talk entitled In their own eyes: An examination of police self-legitimacy, Dr. Tankebe addressed self-legitimacy of police officers and the recognition of their right to power. Drawing from his survey data of police officers in the UK, Dr. Tankebe examined factors that contribute to shaping police officers’ self-legitimacy on three important dimensions that include managerial recognition, peer recognition, and clientele recognition.

The School of Criminal Justice would like to thank Dr. Justice Tankebe for visiting us and presenting his work.