• Advising

    Graduate students in the School of Criminal Justice are offered a variety of academic resources during their education at MSU, including working with academic advisors. The academic advisors are familiar with the university’s administrative structure, procedures, and resources. They are experienced in academic planning and student advising.

    The School of Criminal Justice offers both academic advising and career advising through methods including in-person appointments, electronic and telephone advising.

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  • Careers & Internships

    The School of Criminal Justice offers many options for students to find and prepare for future careers. Students may explore internship opportunities, which involve working in a criminal justice agency for course credit. Students can earn internship credit during the school year, but many choose to complete internships while spending the summer off-campus. Either way, internships are a valuable opportunity to investigate potential careers while still earning credit toward graduation.

    In addition, the School's annual career fair (held each February) exposes our students to the wide variety of careers available in criminal justice. Students can interact with representatives from a large number of agencies to determine whether they might be interested in different careers. Thanks to our vast alumni network, returning alumni can share their experiences with our students, and describe how their MSU experience has translated into work in the field.

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    The School of Criminal Justice highly encourages students to participate in internships. An internship is a great way to integrate classroom learning with real world situations. Internships offer a planned program of observation, participation, and study in a selected criminal justice agency. They also give students an opportunity to explore a possible career choice and learn professional skills necessary to be competitive in the job market.

    Internship Information for Students

    Internship Information for Agencies


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  • Scholarships

    The School of Criminal Justice provides the following competitive scholarships to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.

    Please click on each individual scholarship listed for full application instructions. Funds from these scholarships are intended to offset the costs of books and tuition. Incoming freshmen must have applied to and been accepted by the university and will need to provide a copy of their high school transcripts. Awards will not exceed the estimated University cost of attendance for the year of the award.

    The School of Criminal Justice must receive applications for all scholarships by the last Friday in February for the following academic year. A selection committee will recommend recipients to the director of the School of Criminal Justice. The recipients will be notified in writing by the end of Spring semester.

    PLEASE NOTE: The receipt of any scholarship/fellowship may cause a reduction in a student's financial aid package.

    To see the full list of scholarships, click here.

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Student Resources
    There is a wide range of resources available to Criminal Justice students. Take a look at this list that we compiled.
  • Graduate Student Association

    Purpose: The purpose of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) is to support the teaching, research, and service missions of the School of Criminal Justice (SCJ), enhance the professional development of SCJ graduate students, promote the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the SCJ graduate student body, and protect SCJ graduate students’ rights and guarantees.

    Executive board members:

    President: Jen Paruk
    Vice President of Student Affairs and Media: Amanda Osuna
    Vice President of International Relations: Mikaela Wallin
    Treasurer: Noah Turner
    Secretary: Travis Carter
    MS Representative: Lance Lindsay
    GEU Representative: Spencer Lawson
    COGS Representative: Mark Speers
    MS Forensic Science Representative: Julia Angst

    GSA Constitution

    For more information:

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    Facebook - MSU CJ Graduate Students