Associate Professor Thomas Holt quoted in online article

Photo of Thomas Holt

A recent online article entitled “Cyber thieves making millions in profits” by discusses the millions of dollars made by cyber thieves who steal debit and credit card information.

“In the past two years there have been hundreds of data breaches involving customer information, some very serious like the Target breach in 2013,” said Dr. Thomas Holt. “It’s happening so often that average consumers are just getting into this mindset of, ‘Well, my bank will just re-issue the card, it’s not a problem.’ But this is more than a hassle or inconvenience. It’s a real economic phenomenon that has real economic impact and consequences.”

Read the full story HERE.

Dr. Holt was also quoted in the Fiscal Times article “How Much Are Stolen Credit Cards Worth? Thieves Can Make Millions”. Read the full story HERE.