Associate Professor April Zeoli quoted in NYT article about bump stock ban

In the New York Times online UpShot article “A Bump Stock Ban is Popular With the Public. But Experts Have Their Doubts,” Dr. April Zeoli spoke on how likely a bump stock ban would affect mass shooting fatalities.Photo of April Zeoli

Bump stocks have not been used in previous high-profile mass shootings, but were employed in the Las Vegas mass shooting earlier this month.

“Until now, bump stocks have been a non-issue in firearm homicide (mass or not),” wrote April Zeoli, an associate professor at the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice. “But now that the door has been opened for their use, I suspect that future mass shooters may use them.”

Most experts contacted for the article felt a bump stock ban would create a small effect, similar to that gained by requiring gun owners to complete safety training or stamping identifying marks on bullets to match a particular gun.

April M. Zeoli is an Associate Professor and coordinator of undergraduate studies in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. Dr. Zeoli conducts interdisciplinary research, with a goal of bringing together the fields of public health and criminology and criminal justice. Her main field of investigation is the prevention of intimate partner violence and homicide through policy interventions. Specifically, she is interested in the role of firearms in intimate partner violence and homicide, as well as the civil and criminal justice systems responses to intimate partner violence.