Alec D’Annunzio student rep at Washington Center Academic Seminar

Photo-DAnnunzio-AlecUndergraduate Criminal Justice and Political Science dual major student Alec D’Annunzio was selected to be a student representative attending the Washington Center National Political Convention Academic Seminar in July 2016.

Alec is interested in criminal justice procedures and policies as they relate to the U.S. Constitution as well as analyzing similarities and differences among political partisan behaviors, both inside and outside of government institutions. He hopes to pursue a Masters of Public Policy at MSU and eventually go on to Law School. Alec is interested in a career in law enforcement at the federal level or practicing law from as a prosecutor.

The Washington Center’s National Convention Academic Seminar is of great interest to him because it grants a perfect opportunity to rigorously examine the underpinnings of the political process as an active participant and further his education about the history and function of the conventions within the democratic process itself through educational seminars. The program will also allow a rare opportunity to engage as a reflective and critical participant in thought-provoking discussions with the nation’s preeminent political and media figures. Alec is most excited to participate in one of the most important events in the presidential nomination process, the political convention.