Recent Publications

Bold indicates School of Criminal Justice author.

February 2017

  • Hamm, J.A. (2017). Trust, Trustworthiness, and Motivation in the Natural Resource Management Context. Society & Natural Resources. online February 13, 2017. 15 pp.
  • Kennedy, J. (2016) Proposed Solutions to the Brand Protection Challenges and Counterfeiting Risks Faced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Journal of Applied Security Research. online September 8, 2016.
  • Park, S. & Morash, M. (2017) An Exploratory Study of Influences on Vulnerabilities to Family Violence Among Vietnamese Wives Who Marry South Korean Men. Critical Criminology. 25(1), 1-19.
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  • Zeoli, A.M., Frattaroli, S., Roskam, K., Herrera, A.K. (2017). Removing Firearms from Those Prohibited from Possession by Domestic Violence Restraining Orders: A Survey and Analysis of State Laws. Trauma, Violence & Abuse. online January 1, 2017, 12 pp.

January 2017

  • Berg, M.T. & Cobbina, J.E. (2016). Cognitive Transformation, Social Ecological Settings, and the Reentry Outcomes of Women Offenders. Crime & Delinquency. online August 2016. 25 pp.
  • Finn, M.A. & Stalans, L.J. (2017) Managers’ Rules About Sex Workers’ Health and Safety in the Illicit Online Sex Market: Considering Profits and Risks.  Third Party Sex Work and Pimps in the Age of Anti-trafficking. Chapter 5 (pp 89-110) , A. Horning & A. Marcus, (Ed.). Springer, NY.
  • Nalla, M.K., Maxwell, S.R., & Mamayek, C.M. (2017) Legitimacy of Private Police in Developed, Emerging, and Transitional Economies. European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law, & Criminal Justice. Online first, January 2017, pp 76-100.

December 2016

  • Stalans, L.J. & Finn, M.A. (2016). Defining and Predicting Pimps’ Coerciveness Toward Sex Workers: Socialization Processes. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. online 11/1/16, 24 pp.
  • Gore, M., Zwickle, A., Hamm, J.A. & Etter, D. (2016). Using New Methods in Risk Communication to Improve Invasive Species Management in Michigan. Michigan Applied Public Policy Brief. December 2016, 39 pp.
  • Kruger, D.J., Crichlow, V.J., McGarrell, E., Hollis, M., Jefferson, B.M., Reischl, T.M. & Zimmerman, M.A. (2016). Perceptions of Procedural Justice Mediate the Relationship between Local Violent Crime Density and Crime Reporting Intentions.  Journal of Community Psychology. 44(6), 807-812.
  • McCall, M.A., McCall, M.M. & Smith, C.E. (2016). Criminal Justice and the 2014-2015 United States Supreme Court Term.  South Dakota Law Review. vol. 61, pp 242-279.

November 2016

  • Carter, N.H., Lόpez-Bao, J.V., Bruskotter, J.T., Gore, M., Chapron, G., Johnson, A., Epstein, Y., Shrestha, M., Frank, J., Ohrens, O. & Treves, A. (2016). A conceptual framework for understanding illegal killing of large carnivores. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. online 11/16/16. 14 pp.
  • Rizzolo, J.B., Gore, M.L., Ratsimbazafy, J.H. & Rajaonson, A. (2016). Cultural influences on attitudes about the causes and consequences of wildlife poaching. Crime, Law and Social Change. online 11/28/16, 23 pp.
  • Zhuang, J., Cox, J., Cruz, S., Dearing, J.W., Hamm, J.A. & Upham, B. (2016). Environmental Stigma:  Resident Responses to Living in a Contaminated Area. American Behavioral Scientist. 60(11), 1322-1341.
  • Kennedy, J.P., Haberman, C.P. & Wilson, J.M. (2016). Occupational Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting Schemes: A Crime Scripts Analysis. Victims & Offenders. online 11/29/16. 19 pp.
  • Circo, G.M., Pizarro, J.M. & McGarrell, E.F. (2016). Adult and Youth Involvement in Gun-Related Crime:  Implications for Gun Violence Prevention Interventions. Criminal Justice Policy Review. online 06/28/16.
  • Rydberg, J., Stone, R. & McGarrell, E.F. (2016). Utilizing Incident-Based Crime Data to Inform Strategic Interventions:  A Problem Analysis of Violence in Michigan. Justice Research and Policy. online 11/4/16. 25 pp.
  • Wilson, J.M. & Grammich, C. (2016). Police Consolidation and Shared Services: Identifying, Developing and Sharing Lessons. Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC.
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October 2016

  • Suttmoeller, M.J., Chermak, S.M. & Freilich, J.D. (2016). Only the Bad Die Young: The Correlates of Organizational Death for Far-Right Extremist Groups. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism. 39(6), 447-499.
  • Ellis, N.S., Dow, S.B. & Safavian, D. (2015). Use of Firrea to Impose Liability in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis:  A New Weapon in the Arsenal to Prevent Financial Fraud. University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law. 18(1), 119-162.
  • Goodson, M.V. & Morash, M. (2016). Court-Involved Girls’ Perceptions of the Attainability of a Desired Possible Self and Its Connection to Past Adversity and Current Behavior. Feminist Criminology. online 9/1/16.  pp21.
  • Stone, R., Morash, M., Goodson, M., Smith, S. & Cobbina, J. (2016). Women on Parole, Identity Processes, and Primary Desistance. Feminist Criminology. online 9/26/16.  pp22.

September 2016

  • Hwang, E., Yun, I. & McGarrell, E.F. (2016). A Comparative Study of Fear of Crime among Korean Immigrants in the United States and Native Koreans in South Korea. African & Asian Studies. 15(1), 53-76.
  • Kruger, D.J., Crichlow, V.J., McGarrell, E.F., Hollis, M, Jefferson, B., Reischl, T.M. & Zimmerman, M.A. (2016). Perceptions of procedural justice mediate the relationship between local violent crime density and crime reporting intentions. Journal of Community Psychology. 44(6), 807-812.
  • Smith, C.E. (2016). The Supreme Court and the Development of Law: Through the Prism of Prisoners’ Rights. Palgrave Macmillan.
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August 2016

  • Cobbina, J.E., Nalla, M.K., & Bender, K.A. (2016).  Security officers’ attitudes towards training and their work environment. Security Journal, 29(3), 385- 399.
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  • Wilson, J.M. & Grammich, C.A. (2016). Adopting Alternative Models of Police Service in Small US Communities. Policing. online June 5, 2016, pp13.

July 2016

  • Gore, M.L., Ratsimbazafy, J., Rajaonson, A., Lewis, A., & Kahler, J.S. (2016). Public perceptions of poaching risks in a biodiversity hotspot:  Implications for wildlife trafficking interventions. Journal of Trafficking, Organized Crime and Security. 2(1), 1-20.
  • McCarthy, S., Tambe, M., Kiekintveld, C., Gore, M.L., & Killion, A. (2016). Preventing Illegal Logging: Simultaneous Optimization of Resource Teams and Tactics for Security. Proceedings of the Thirtieth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI-16.
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  • Wilson, J.M., Weiss, A., & Grammich, C. (2016) Public Safety Consolidation: A Multiple Case Study Assessment of Implementation and Outcome. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

June 2016

  • Cornacchione, J., Smith, S.W., Morash, M., Bohmert, M.N., Cobbina, J.E., & Kashy, D.A. (2016). An exploration of female offenders’ memorable messages from probation and parole officers on the self-assessment of behavior from a control theory perspective. Journal of Applied Communication Research. 44(1), 60-77.
  • Smith, S.W., Cornacchione, J.J., Morash, M., Kashy, D., & Cobbina, J.E. (2016). Communication Style as an Antecedent to Reactance, Self-Efficacy, and Restoration of Freedom for Drug- and Alcohol-Involved Women on Probation and Parole. Journal of Health Communication. vol. 21, 504-511.
  • Morash, M. (2016) The Nature of Co-Occurring Exposure to Violence and of Court Responses to Girls in the Juvenile Justice System. Violence Against Women. 22 (8), 923-942.

May 2016

  • Cobbina, J.E., Like, T.Z., & Miller, J. (2016). Gender-Specific Conflicts among Urban African-American Youth: The Roles of Situational Context and Issues of Contention. Deviant Behavior. online Apr 21, 2016, pp 21.
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April 2016

  • Carter, D.L. & Carter, J.G. (2016). Effective Police Homicide Investigations:  Evidence from Seven Cities with High Clearance Rates. Homicide Studies. 20 (2), 150-176.
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March 2016

  • Stalans, L.J. & Finn, M.A. (2016). Consulting Legal Experts in the Real and Virtual World: Pimps’ and Johns’ Cultural Schemas about Strategies to Avoid Arrest and Conviction. Deviant Behavior. online, Mar 17, 2016.
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February 2016

  • Cobbina, J.E., Owusu-Bempah, A., & Bender, K. (2016). Perceptions of Racialization of Crime among Ferguson Residents and Protestors. Journal of Crime and Justice. 39 (1), 210-229.
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    43 (4), 506-524.
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January 2016

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