Conservation Criminology

Conservation Criminology is an interdisciplinary research framework designed to advance knowledge and practice related to environmental crimes, harms, and risks. Focal research areas include wildlife poaching, corruption in conservation, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife disease, illegal fishing, illegal logging, conservation forensics, global trade in electronic waste, corporate environmental performance, climate change, water security, and environmental justice.

Conservation criminology faculty and students use quantitative and qualitative methods to explore social norms, risk perceptions, regulatory violations, and governance structures associated with environmental crimes and risks in the United States and abroad. Visit to learn more about the Conservation Criminology research program.

School of Criminal Justice personnel specializing in conservation criminology include:

Dr. Carole Gibbs

Dr. Meredith Gore

Dr. Joe Hamm

Dr. David Foran

Dr. Ed McGarrell

David Stephens

Dr. Adam Zwickle